Polygon Foundation Transfers 6 Million MATIC to Binance, Sparking Concerns of Potential Price Drop

The Significance of Polygon (MATIC) in the Ethereum Ecosystem

Polygon (MATIC) remains a crucial part of the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem, boasting a total value locked (TVL) of approximately $796 million and a stablecoins market capitalization of about $1.266 billion. Its contribution to the Ethereum blockchain includes facilitating the development of scalable and secure DeFi projects.

Wirex’s Strategic Partnership with Polygon

In a recent development, Wirex, a London-based payment firm with over 6 million users, has announced a strategic partnership with Polygon. They plan to leverage Polygon’s open-source Chain Development Kit (CDK) to create an application-specific blockchain called W-Pay.

Concerns Over Polygon Foundation’s MATIC Token Deposits

However, there are some concerns in the community regarding the activity of the Polygon Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to supporting the Polygon network through research, development, and education. Lookonchain, an on-chain analysis platform, has observed notable deposits of MATIC tokens from the Polygon Foundation into Binance over the past month.

  • For instance, a Polygon wallet associated with the foundation deposited approximately $3.35 million worth of MATIC tokens in the last two days.
  • Additionally, this same wallet address has made deposits of around $2.57 million in the past 30 days.

These deposits on Binance have raised questions, especially given the ongoing challenges faced by MATIC’s price in the midst of bearish sentiments within the cryptocurrency market.

MATIC Price Analysis

As of Thursday, MATIC was trading at approximately 56 cents in the early Asian market, reflecting a modest 4 percent gain over the past five days. However, MATIC’s price remains under significant downward pressure, primarily due to resistance from the 50 and 200-weekly Moving Averages (MA).


While Polygon continues to play a vital role in the Ethereum ecosystem, recent actions by the Polygon Foundation have raised concerns within the community. The foundation’s deposits of MATIC tokens on Binance, especially during a challenging market period, have generated questions about their intentions. Meanwhile, MATIC’s price faces resistance from key Moving Averages, suggesting a challenging road ahead for the token.

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