Polygon Labs Acquires Toposware, Sets Sights on Advancing ZK Technology

Polygon Labs Acquires Toposware

Polygon Labs has acquired Toposware, a blockchain development and research firm, in a significant move aimed at advancing ZK technology.

Polygon Labs Will Assemble The Best ZK Team

Polygon Labs, the developer of Polygon blockchain, is on a mission to build the best research and development team in ZK technology. With this acquisition, Polygon Labs continues to lead in ZK research and development, moving the industry from theory to reality over the last few years. Reports suggest that 11 engineers from Toposware will join Polygon.

Polygon Labs Wants To Expand Further

Polygon Labs first acquired Mir, a company that worked on ZK proofs, for $400 million. Later, they also acquired Hermez, another company focused on Ethereum scalability, for $250 million. These acquisitions demonstrate Polygon’s commitment to ZK technology, which they believe is essential for scaling Ethereum’s blockchain ecosystem in the long term.

Advancing ZK Technology for Interoperability

  • ZK-proofs allow one party to prove to another that information is true without revealing the information itself.
  • The blockchain industry has difficulties interacting with ZK-based chains. After this acquisition, Polygon Labs will work towards interoperability.
  • The interoperable networks of ZK-based chains and other EVM chains will revolutionize the blockchain world.

As of now, ZK technology is not compatible with EVM networks. A ZK-based network requires a Type 1 prover, developed by Toposware, to connect to EVM chains. Onboarding Toposware will have significant downstream effects across all Polygon protocols.

Industry experts expect that the new team formed in Polygon will address this issue.