Polygon Labs Shifts Focus from Edge Contributions to CDK Expansion

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Polygon Labs has announced the discontinuation of contributions to its Edge framework. The company is redirecting its focus toward the expansion of the Chain Development Kit (CDK), which is gaining adoption in various projects.

Polygon Labs and the Shift in Focus

Polygon Labs has decided to cease accepting contributions to its Edge framework, also known as Supernets. This decision is driven by a shift in development priorities, as stated by the company. The Edge framework, originally an open-source tool under the Apache License 2.0, was designed to facilitate the creation of custom blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum.

However, over the past year, Polygon Labs has decided to pivot and focus on the Chain Development Kit (CDK), the successor solution. CDK is a toolkit specifically designed for the development of various Layer 2 ZK-Rollups, which are Layer 2 networks created using zero-knowledge proofs. Chains deployed using the CDK are expected to achieve interoperability within a broad network.

Polygon CDK over Edge

Several projects, including Immutable, OKX, Astar, Canto, Palm Network, Aavegotchi, IDEX, Nubank, and Manta Network, have expressed interest in or have plans to use the Polygon CDK for developing their Layer 2 networks. According to a statement from Polygon Labs shared with The Block, “Polygon CDK-deployed chains will be interoperable within a broader web of ZK-powered L2s in the CDK ecosystem, creating a single unified pool of liquidity. These are features that Edge does not support natively and require migration with significant modifications.”

Scaling Methods and Future Development

The project currently utilizes two primary scaling methods: a sidechain called Polygon PoS and a zero-knowledge rollup network, zkEVM.

A major development focus for Polygon Labs is the 2.0 upgrade, an ecosystem comprising multiple chains enhanced with zero-knowledge capabilities. Slated for release in 2024, this ecosystem, powered by CDK, aims to integrate Layer 2 chains based on ZK rollups and facilitate cross-chain communication.

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