Polygon Lollipop Initiative Unleashes a Billion-Dollar Blockchain-Powered Franchise for Streamers, Gamers, and Sports Enthusiasts

A New Racing Franchise “Lollipop” Launched in Collaboration with Polygon Labs and Feature

A new racing franchise called Lollipop has been launched as a collaboration between Polygon Labs, a blockchain protocol provider, and Feature, an entertainment studio and technology company known for the popular movie franchise “The Fast and The Furious”. The project is being written by David Ayer and Chris Long of Cedar Park Studios, and Feature CEO Steven Ilous expressed excitement about the partnership in a statement:

“We’re ecstatic to be working with Polygon Labs on this game-changing project, Lollipop. Polygon technology will form an essential part of the experience as we bring this next-generation storytelling project to people all around the world.”

Lollipop: A Unique Content Experience with Gamification and NFTs

The partnership between Polygon Labs and Feature aims to create a unique content experience with Lollipop, which will feature episodic streaming elements, gaming, and professional sports. Through tech-enabled gamification, the audience will be able to actively participate in a narrative-driven racing circuit, bridging the gap between content and technology. This collaboration marks a major milestone in revolutionizing entertainment experiences and ushering in a new era of storytelling.

Lollipop will also involve the use of Polygon-based NFTs (non-fungible tokens), although Steven Ilous, the CEO of Feature, prefers to call them digital collectibles due to the negative stigma attached to the term “NFTs”.

Feature Incorporating Gamification with Polygon Blockchain Technology

The expected content of Lollipop is said to be multi-dimensional, focusing on creators and their communities. Leveraging the Polygon blockchain technology, the project will incorporate gamification, artificial intelligence, user-generated content, and ownership into their projects. Feature has recently achieved success through partnerships, including a collaboration with Netflix to campaign for “Love Death + Robots”, and now with Cedar Park Studios, an independent film studio founded by David Ayer and Chris Long.

Recently, Polygon announced a strategic partnership with Web3 gaming firm Immutable to accelerate innovation and adoption in the crypto gaming space. Robbie Ferguson, co-founder and president of Immutable, believes that Polygon can help them avoid Ethereum congestion and costs without the stress of building their own alternative. Both Polygon Labs and Immutable have received $2 billion in investor funding for game building on their platforms, making this partnership significant.


The collaboration between Polygon Labs and Feature to create the racing franchise Lollipop is an exciting development that aims to revolutionize entertainment experiences with the integration of gamification, blockchain technology, and NFTs. This partnership marks a significant milestone in bridging the gap between content and technology, and is expected to usher in a new era of storytelling. As the project progresses, it will be interesting to see how Lollipop evolves and impacts the entertainment industry.

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