Polygon Unveils Network Rehashing and Bridge Resynchronization: Comprehensive Update


Polygon has revealed important updates for its network, including zkEVM Mainnet Beta Network Rehashing and a resynchronization of the Polygon Bridge. These changes are scheduled to occur on September 18, 2023 (Monday).

Rehashing Details

The decision to conduct a rehashing of the network was prompted by the discovery of a bug in an early version of the executor, specifically, v.1.1.x.

Recent Developments

In recent weeks, Polygon has been making significant strides in the crypto space. The platform shared insights into the forthcoming network rehashing and layer 2 Bridge resync through a Twitter thread.

Scheduled Date and Time

According to the official announcement, the zkEVM Mainnet Beta Network Rehashing and the Polygon Bridge resync are set for September 18, 2023, at 10:30 am (CST) or 8:30 am (UTC). The anticipated duration of the event is approximately 6 hours. Importantly, Polygon assured its community that this rehashing would not impact the network’s overall stability, past transactions, or L1 information.

Rescheduling Reason

Initially scheduled for September 12, the network rehashing was postponed due to the need for an L2 Bridge resync. Polygon stated, “Along with the mainnet rehashing, it will be necessary to do a resync of L2 in the Bridge. We want to ensure minimal downtime for the same.”

Rehashing Explanation

Elaborating on the rehashing process, Polygon explained, “What happens when the rehashing is done? The network will resync from genesis, and the state of the transactions stays the same but the L2 block hashes will be changed with the correct calculations. This already has been done on the testnet, all hashes got corrected and synced.”

Additional Announcement

In related news, Polygon Labs officially announced the implementation of Polygon 2.0, unveiling three Polygon Improvement Proposals (PIPs) aimed at revolutionizing the Ethereum block space.


Polygon’s forthcoming network rehashing and Bridge resync mark important developments in the crypto world, with a commitment to ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining the network’s integrity.

Stay tuned for more updates as Polygon continues to make waves in the industry.

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