Polygon Ventures Invests Significantly in Creta During Private Investment Round

Creta Successfully Completes Private Investment Round with Polygon Ventures

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, [May 4, 2023] — Creta, a leading company specializing in the development and publication of video games and cutting-edge Web3 gaming solutions, has announced the successful completion of its strategic private investment round. Among the prominent investors is Polygon Ventures, a well-known player in the blockchain gaming industry.

Creta is currently focused on the development of captivating content built on sustainable business models, including innovative products such as Kingdom Under Fire, Fortress, and more. The funds raised in this round will help Creta to further advance its Web3 gaming platform and create a seamless gaming experience for fans worldwide.

Arben Kane, Chief Strategy Officer at Creta, expressed gratitude to the investors: “We are extremely grateful to Polygon Ventures and all our investors for their unwavering support of our vision. With their help, we can continue to expand our offerings and provide unique NFT collectibles and gaming experiences that push the boundaries of traditional game development.”

Polygon Ventures’ investment in Creta is a testament to the potential of the company and its projects. As Creta continues to develop Web3 games that rival AAA industry standards, this partnership will help Creta access valuable resources and expertise to strengthen its position in the gaming industry.

About Creta

Creta is a trailblazer in the Web3 gaming revolution, developing a platform that features the metaverse, blockchain games, and an array of Web3 gaming solutions. With a mission to create and publish captivating content built on sustainable business models, Creta is backed by industry veterans from the worlds of blockchain and video gaming.

Led by the development team behind the acclaimed video game franchise Kingdom Under Fire, Fortress, and other notable games, Creta is supported by over 200 professionals including the legendary producer “Yoshiki Okamoto” of Street Fighter and Monster Strike in game development, publishing, marketing, and blockchain technology.

With offices in South Korea, Japan, Dubai, and Armenia, Creta benefits from a global network of blockchain partners and associations.

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