Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Successfully Concludes Network Rehash and L2 Resynchronization

Key Points:

  • Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta completes successful network rehash and resync, marking a milestone for Polygon 2.0.
  • Polygon 2.0 aims to scale Ethereum with interconnected zero knowledge-powered L2 chains.
  • Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta rehashing and bridge L2 resync has completed successfully, and the system has resumed full activities.

Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Milestone

Polygon has successfully completed a network rehash and resync. The Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta has resumed full activities after the successful completion of these processes. This marks an important milestone for Polygon 2.0, a proposed upgrade set to revolutionize the Polygon ecosystem.

Polygon 2.0: Scaling Ethereum

Polygon 2.0 aims to create a network of interconnected zero knowledge-powered L2 chains that can scale Ethereum to the size of the Internet. To achieve this, three Polygon Improvement Proposals (PIPs) have been released, detailing the specific changes that will take place in early Q4 of this year.

The Transition to POL Token

One of the key aspects of Polygon 2.0 is the upgrade from the MATIC token to the new POL token. POL will serve as the native (gas) token and staking token for Polygon PoS. It will enable staking, community ownership, and governance within the ecosystem. The POL token will have an initial supply of 10 billion and a yearly emission of 2%, distributed between validator staking rewards and a community treasury.

Native Gas Token Upgrade

Additionally, a proposal has been made to update the native gas token on Polygon PoS from MATIC to POL. This upgrade will ensure maximum backwards compatibility, with the native token on Polygon PoS changing from a claim on the MATIC Bridge to a claim on the POL Bridge.

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