Polygon zkEVM Triumphs in its Inaugural Major Upgrade: Dive into the Updates

Dragon Fruit Upgrade Success

In an official announcement, Polygon confirmed the successful completion of the Dragon Fruit Upgrade and the Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta upgrade, including bridge operations. This upgrade encompasses various enhancements to the network, with notable additions such as support for the latest Ethereum opcode, PUSH0.

The upgrade introduces two key features:

  • PUSH0: This is the latest EVM opcode introduced in the Shanghai hard fork.
  • RLP Parsing: A noncritical bug related to transaction parsing has been addressed.

Polygon zkEVM now joins the list of EVM networks supporting the PUSH0 opcode, aligning itself with the Ethereum blockchain’s capabilities. This upgrade ensures that Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta remains in sync with the latest Solidity version, maintaining compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Other Milestones

Over the past week, the Polygon network achieved a significant milestone with the official initiation of the Polygon 2.0 implementation. This development comes alongside the release of the first set of Polygon Improvement Proposals (PIPs), numbering three in total. These PIPs outline upcoming changes that will be implemented in early Q4 of this year, subject to community approval.

Specifically, PIP-18 outlines Phase 0 of Polygon 2.0, which includes the following changes:

  • The transition from MATIC to POL as the native gas and staking token for Polygon PoS.
  • The launch of the staking layer and subsequent migration.

Meanwhile, in other news, there is the possibility of Polygon and Uniswap collaborating through a “friendly fork” if a vote proposing such an integration between Uniswap DAO and Zero Protocol on Polygon zkEVM receives approval.

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