Polygon zkEVM Welcomes Chainlink Data Feed Integration

The Integration of Chainlink Data Feeds with Polygon zkEVM

The integration facilitates secure and reliable off-chain data access for Ethereum-based dApps. Chainlink has seamlessly integrated its data feeds with Polygon zkEVM, allowing access to external price data in real-time. The announcement, made on December 15, marks a significant step in enhancing the functionality of smart contracts on Polygon and expanding the network’s potential use cases.

Chainlink’s data feeds operate with multiple layers of decentralization at the price data, oracle node, and oracle network levels. This robust design ensures resilience against API downtime, flash crash outliers, and data manipulation attacks, including flash loan exploits.

According to Polygon Labs, developers building on Polygon zkEVM can leverage an environment fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) at a byte-code level. The integration allows for the use of Chainlink’s feeds, enabling developers to build and deploy dApps more efficiently with minimal adjustments to existing Ethereum-native tooling and infrastructure.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Scaling with Polygon zkEVM

Polygon zkEVM utilizes zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to bundle transactions off-chain for more efficient on-chain verification. ZKPs enable transaction batching via zk-rollups, where numerous transactions are processed off-chain and cryptographically verified together on-chain. This batch verification approach enhances throughput and reduces gas fees compared to submitting each transaction individually. By streamlining verification, Polygon zkEVM unlocks scaling potential for Ethereum-based dApps.

According to Polygon Labs, the compatibility with the EVM throughout the stack ensures ease of use and deployment for Ethereum-based applications. This also maintains essential security features crucial for decentralized finance protocols.

Focus on Polygon CDK and Conclusion

Notably, Polygon recently announced the end of support for contributions to Polygon Edge, its legacy framework for building custom Ethereum-compatible blockchains. This decision was made to focus efforts on Polygon CDK, a similar solution developed by the company to future-proof the Polygon network.

As of the latest update, LINK is trading at $14.32, showing a 0.3% increase in the past 24 hours, while POL and MATIC are changing hands at $0.78, reflecting a 6.5% decrease in the past 24 hours.

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