Reddit NFTs Surge on Polygon: Market Cap Increases by 92% to Reach $94 Million within 3 Weeks

Incredible Growth: Reddit NFTs on Polygon Soar by 92%

In an exciting turn of events within the Reddit community, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) originating from Reddit and residing on the Polygon blockchain have experienced a remarkable surge of 92% over the course of the past three weeks.

Milestones and Data Insights

Data meticulously gathered by Dune Analytics, a highly regarded data aggregation platform, has unveiled a series of noteworthy milestones attained by Reddit NFTs recently.

  • The cumulative sales figure for the collection has surged to an impressive $40,554,135.
  • The volume of Collectible Avatars has astonishingly crossed the 20.3 million mark, a count that was updated within the last 24 hours.
  • The number of holders of these NFTs has grown to an impressive 16,396,254.
  • Market capitalization of the Collectible Avatars now stands at an impressive $94,227,819. This figure represents a substantial upswing from the market cap reported by The Crypto Basic merely three weeks ago.

Specifically, on July 27, The Crypto Basic reported a market cap of around $49 million for the Reddit Collectible Avatars. The subsequent growth has been an impressive 92.05%, accompanied by a rise of over two million in the number of holders.

Further intriguing insights have been unveiled by the data analytics platform. The Gen 4 collection showcases primary sales volume totaling $856,190, with an associated holder count of 12,854. Additionally, this collection has witnessed a remarkable 200+ sales in the past 24 hours, collectively valued at over $6,290.

Polygon Founder’s Perspective

The remarkable statistics have not escaped the attention of Sandeep Nailwal, the founder of the Polygon blockchain. Nailwal recently took to expressing his thoughts on the matter, highlighting the burgeoning ecosystem.

“Polygon ecosystem’s mainstream products are silently reaching ‘magic inflection points of growth, be it Reddit Avatars, DraftKings NFTs, or Nike dotSWOOSH. Many others lined up too. Soon AAA gaming too. Slowly but surely fam!”

Here, “AAA gaming” refers to high-budget, high-profile games. Nailwal’s remarks hint at an ecosystem that is poised for significant expansion, including the development and release of AAA gaming titles.

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