Resisting the Odds: Price Projections for Polygon and Apecoin, Everlodge Transforms Timeshares Industry with Enhanced Liquidity!

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Polygon (MATIC) Fails To Break Above $0.550

In early September, the Polygon token dropped below the critical $0.5500 support. Since then, the MATIC price has failed to recover this level despite multiple trials. This happens despite several positive advancements for the project.

  • Canto began building on the Polygon network
  • PUML launched on the network
  • Collaboration with ABN Amro
  • Polygon Labs collaboration with Celonetwork to migrate to Ethereum

While many investors projected increases in the price of MATIC as a result, the price of Polygon has faced resistance at the $0.550 resistance level. If MATIC breaks above this resistance, then the altcoin could rally to a high of $0.750.

ApeCoin Faces Resistance At $1.15

Like Polygon, ApeCoin has faced major resistance at the $1.15 level. Failing to break above this level several times, APE has dropped to lows of $1.10. However, several updates in the APE ecosystem could help the Apecoin value increase.

  • BAYC collaboration with Japanese fashion store A Bathing Ape (BAPE)
  • Release of groundbreaking physical NFT collection

If the price of Apecoin breaks above the $1.15 resistance, APE could rally. Analysts predict that if Apecoin breaks above this level, it could reach $1.2 before rallying to $1.35.

Everlodge (ELDG) Brings Liquidity To Timeshares

Timeshares is a fast-growing industry, allowing investors to co-own vacation property. However, they face a problem of low liquidity. Everlodge is establishing itself as the first timeshare marketplace to employ blockchain technology and NFTs to increase liquidity.

It uses fractional ownership via NFTs to allow anyone to invest in properties. Everlodge will work with real estate companies to get hotels, luxury villas, and vacation homes.

The ownership details of these properties will be minted on fractional NFTs. Because they are on fractional NFTs, investors can own these properties with as little as $100. These NFTs can freely be traded across different platforms, increasing the liquidity of the timeshares markets.

These innovative features have the potential to alter how people interact with the real estate market. The utility token of the platform, ELDG, is key to how the platform will work. ELDG is now in its fourth presale stage and can be bought for $0.019 per token.

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