Rev Up Your Engines with ‘Lollipop’ NFT Racing Game on Polygon: A Thrilling Creation by Filmmaker David Ayer

‘Lollipop’: A Revolutionary NFT Racing Game on Polygon

Introducing ‘Lollipop’: A Revolutionary NFT Racing Game on Polygon, an entertainment studio based in Los Angeles, is thrilled to announce its latest project, ‘Lollipop,’ an interactive multimedia car racing experience that will be written and executive produced by renowned filmmaker David Ayer, known for his work as the co-writer of “The Fast and Furious” and the writer/director of “Suicide Squad.” Chris Long, the producer of Ayer’s film “The Tax Collector” and the television series “Mr. Mercedes,” is also attached to the project, which will be built on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

‘Lollipop’ – More than Just a Game

‘Lollipop’ will incorporate Polygon-based NFTs, which’s founder and CEO Steven Ilous prefers to refer to as “digital collectibles” to avoid the negative connotations associated with the term NFTs.

“We don’t really use the word NFTs,” Ilous told Decrypt in an interview. “But there’s digital collectibles, there is a streaming narrative component, and there is gamification.”

The concept for ‘Lollipop’ was conceived by Ilous, who pitched it to Ayer, known to be a fan of technology, as a pioneering project that could shape the future of interactive media experiences.

“I brought it to him as something that I felt could pioneer what future experiences could be,” Ilous said. “And he got it right away.”

Not Just a Game, but an Interactive Media Experience

Unlike traditional video games, ‘Lollipop’ is being positioned as more than just a game, but rather an “interactive media experience” that combines elements of episodic streaming, gaming, and professional sports, according to a statement from

“We’re trying to really create next-generation content that is built for how audiences are consuming content these days,” Ilous told Decrypt.

The details of how ‘Lollipop’ will leverage NFTs are yet to be revealed, but Ryan Wyatt, President of Polygon Labs, described the project as “truly pioneering” in a statement.

“Feature is spearheading the future of storytelling and utilizing Polygon blockchain technology to create a completely new type of media,” Wyatt added.

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