Revolutionizing Sports Ticketing with NFTs: Sports Illustrated Teams up with Polygon Blockchain

SI Tickets Launches “Box Office” Platform for Self-Service Event Management

SI Tickets, the ticketing subsidiary of Sports Illustrated, has announced the launch of its “Box Office” platform on May 2nd. In collaboration with ConsenSys, a Web3 software developer, Box Office is a primary ticketing solution and self-service event management system that runs on the Polygon blockchain. The platform offers event organizers the necessary tools to create, manage, and promote fully scalable ticketed live sporting events, whether paid or free. With the ability to integrate with existing ticketing providers, SI Tickets is not competing against giants such as Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, or AXS. Instead, it aims to penetrate the self-service event market and create mass-market adoption of NFT ticketing. SI Tickets CEO, David Lane, said, “We’re trying to create the first mass-market adoption of NFT ticketing so that everyone from a 15-year-old to a 90-year-old can buy their first NFT ticket without having to go through a crypto tutorial on blockchain or have to get a wallet and understand any aspects of it.”

The Super Ticket NFT

SI Tickets and ConsenSys are currently developing the “Super Ticket,” an NFT that connects hosts with attendees by providing highlights, collectibles, exclusive offers, and loyalty benefits. This NFT ticketing system aims to make event management easier, more secure and create a better experience for attendees. According to David Lane, the future of ticketing lies in blockchain. The Super Ticket allows attendees to access expedited entry passes, drink coupons, and music downloads by scanning their NFTs before the event. After the event, guests receive video content and rewards.

Permanent Digital Tickets

One of the highlights of the Box Office platform is the permanent nature of digital tickets. Guests will keep their tickets to the event in their digital wallet forever. It eliminates the need for physical tickets that could get lost or damaged.

Other Features and Benefits

Apart from being a fully scalable ticketing solution, the Box Office platform offers the following benefits and features:

  • No transaction fees on purchases
  • 100% refund if the event is canceled for any reason
  • $1.40, a 3% commission per ticket, and 3% merchant pass-through fees for event organizers


In summary, SI Tickets’ Box Office platform is set to make event management easier, more secure, and more enjoyable for attendees. With the growing trend of NFT ticketing and the benefits of blockchain technology, it’s clear that the future of ticketing lies in the digital realm.

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