Sneak Peek: Exciting Upgrades on the Horizon, According to Polygon Founder

The Power of POL

At the core of this innovation lies POL, a powerful enhancement that facilitates multi-chain staking while mitigating the inherent risks traditionally associated with re-staking. Nailwal’s vision for Polygon 2.0 entails a transformation from a singular chain into an interconnected network of interoperable L2 solutions, marking a significant step forward for the ecosystem’s evolution.

Nailwal’s tweet on August 28, 2023, captures the essence of this upgrade:

“POL delivers the benefits of multi-chain staking without the added risks of restaking. With the Polygon 2.0 proposal, the Polygon Ecosystem will expand from a single chain to an ecosystem of L2s that can easily interoperate and share…”

– Sandeep Nailwal | sandeep.polygon 💜 (@sandeepnailwal)

A New Era in Staking: POL’s Role

POL represents a monumental leap in redefining staking within the Polygon network. By integrating POL, Polygon’s Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism itself evolves into an L2 component within the broader network structure. Validators are no longer confined to a single role; instead, they become versatile contributors. These contributors can secure the network hub, engage as provers for cryptographic proof generation, and efficiently batch transactions in their role as sequencers. Nailwal emphasizes that this paradigm shift necessitates a fresh token design to cater to these multifaceted responsibilities.

Enshrined Re-Staking: Empowering Users

A groundbreaking concept introduced by POL is “enshrined re-staking.” This revolutionary feature empowers users to re-stake their tokens across multiple chains interconnected within the Polygon network. Notably, this eliminates the dependence on trusted third parties, thereby mitigating the risks associated with centralization. Furthermore, POL’s utility transcends chain security, extending its benefits to aggregate (Agg) layers and decentralized autonomous communities (DACs).

Embracing the Future: POL’s Significance

POL stands as a testament to the third generation of token design, building on the foundations laid by pioneers like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). However, POL takes this evolution a step further by enabling token holders to secure multiple networks and assume a diverse range of roles. Nailwal aptly describes POL as a “hyperproductive” token that empowers participants in unprecedented ways.


The unveiling of POL and its integration into the forthcoming Polygon 2.0 signifies a bold leap forward for the Polygon ecosystem. With multi-chain staking, enhanced security measures, and a redefined token model, POL is poised to redefine the way we perceive and engage with Layer 2 solutions. Polygon’s evolution into an interconnected network of L2s holds the promise of a more scalable and versatile blockchain ecosystem.

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