Sponge V2, the Polygon-based meme coin, experiences a remarkable 26% surge, attaining a $100 million market cap.

Sponge V2, the Polygon-based meme coin, experiences a remarkable 26% surge, attaining a $100 million market cap.

Sponge V2 Soars 26% with $100M Market Cap

Sponge V2, a Polygon-based meme coin, has experienced a remarkable 26% surge, reaching a $100 million market cap. This achievement sets it apart in the competitive meme coin market, showcasing significant community support and achieving new highs.

Sponge Reaches $100M Market Cap Amid Community Support

The trending meme coin Sponge has successfully reached a $100 million market cap, surpassing its all-time high (ATH). With a notable 26% increase in the last 24 hours, Sponge is gaining widespread community support and establishing itself as Polygon’s premier meme coin.

Sponge Outperforms the Market on Its Journey to $100M

Sponge’s recent performance is impressive, boasting a 75% increase in value within the past week. This surge follows its transition to the Polygon network and evolution from Sponge V1 to V2, achieving a new all-time high price of $0.002543.

The coin’s market valuation now stands at approximately $100.44 million, a noteworthy accomplishment considering the competitive meme coin sector where several coins have valuations exceeding $1 billion.

Despite a slight downturn in the total meme coin market cap today, Sponge’s price has risen, suggesting a potential shift in investor interest toward it.

Comparative Analysis and Unique Utility

Unlike many meme coins, Sponge has demonstrated a strong track record and unique utility aspects since its launch in May 2023. With significant growth mirroring other prominent meme coins, it boasts over 13,000 holders and substantial social media engagement.

Following an initial hype phase and subsequent price consolidation, Sponge V2 was introduced with new utility features, including a Play-to-Earn racing game and improved staking mechanics. Both free and paid versions are available, with the paid game offering enhanced rewards, requiring users to purchase credits with $SPONGEV2, creating a demand stream to mitigate typical meme coin volatility.

The strategic transition to the Polygon network offers lower fees and quicker transactions.

Future Prospects and Listings

Anticipation is high for Sponge V2’s listing on major exchanges, following the pattern of other meme coins experiencing price surges upon listing on platforms like Binance. While official announcements are pending, the community eagerly awaits signs of upcoming listings that could significantly impact Sponge’s valuation and accessibility.


Sponge V2 stands out in the crowded meme coin market with its robust community backing, innovative utility features, and impressive market performance. As the team explores further exchange listings and continues to develop its ecosystem, Sponge presents an intriguing option for investors interested in the meme coin sector.

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