Taki Games Unites with Unite and Collaborates with Quickswap on the Polygon Network

Mobile Gaming Network Taki Games Expands in Web3 Space

Taki Games, a prominent mobile gaming network, has strategically taken multiple steps to enhance its presence in the web3 space. These include a successful merger with Unite, an expansion onto the Polygon network, and a strategic partnership with the leading Polygon decentralized exchange, Quickswap.

Merging with Unite and Leadership Transition

As part of its expansion onto Polygon, Taki Games joined forces with Unite, the team behind the popular web3 and NFT project, Kungfuverse. The merger resulted in former Unite CEO Weiwei Geng assuming the role of Taki Games’ new CEO.

Collaboration with Quickswap for Liquidity

Concurrently, Taki Games has partnered with Quickswap to tap into deep liquidity, facilitating seamless transfers of its TAKI token between Solana (where Taki Games initially gained traction) and Polygon. This collaboration involves the launch of a dedicated liquidity pool for Taki’s bridged token and a TAKI/MATIC pool.

Utilizing Polygon’s Infrastructure for Web3 Gaming

The decision to pivot to Polygon comes after Taki Games’ web3 social product attracted 1 million users to the network. Taki Games now leverages Polygon’s infrastructure to power its portfolio of mobile games tied to the TAKI currency, simultaneously accelerating the convergence of web2 and web3 gaming.

Strategic Investments and Merger Details

As part of the merger with Unite, Taki Games invested $2.5 million in fiat and TAKI tokens. This investment allowed Taki Games to acquire two mobile gaming titles with strong install bases – Bored Button, boasting over five million installs and more than 200,000 monthly average users (MAUs); and Mom’s Kitchen, a game downloaded over 150,000 times with over 8,000 MAUs.

CEO Weiwei Geng’s Vision for Web3 Gaming

Taki Games CEO Weiwei Geng expressed the company’s commitment to building lasting web3 games, stating, “The initial web3 gaming hits demonstrated the huge appetite for games players own. But they’ve also shown what happens when the model cannot sustain the vision as inflation erodes value. Instead, we plan to grow web3 gaming by transforming multi-billion markets into value gamers can own themselves.”

Quickswap Integration for Polygon Inhabitants

With the integration of Quickswap, Polygon inhabitants now have the ability to freely trade TAKI, supply liquidity, and explore Taki’s stable web3 game offerings.

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