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Rental NFTs: Unlocking New Possibilities

Are you familiar with the concept of Rental NFTs? IQ Protocol has been at the forefront of this innovative approach. In case you missed it, you can watch our last video about IQ Protocol. The idea behind renting NFTs for gaming purposes is both ingenious and practical. Gamers can rent out NFTs for the duration of their gameplay and return them once they’re done. This introduces fresh revenue streams for idle digital assets that may otherwise remain dormant.

IQ Protocol’s Action-Packed August

IQ Protocol is making significant strides this August, marked by several noteworthy developments:

  • Successful partnership with The Red Village, validating the demand for NFT rentals.
  • Upcoming game integration with Crypto Guilds.
  • Opportunity to win over 500 Planet IX NFTs through a giveaway.

The Red Village Case Study: Demonstrating NFT Rentals

IQ Protocol recently concluded the ‘New Blood’ competition in collaboration with The Red Village. This event served as a case study, yielding positive outcomes and proving the viability of NFT rentals. During the first week of the competition:

  • Over 2,000 new unique active wallets interacted with IQ Protocol.
  • A total of 10,000 rentals were executed.
  • Social media engagement generated more than 20 million impressions.

Noteworthy statistics from The Red Village ‘New Blood’ competition:

  • Approximately 180-200 daily active users.
  • Listing of 3,000 new assets during the event.
  • Peak of 3,365 8-player TRV Tournaments within 24 hours, surpassing previous records.
  • Record-breaking social media growth, with 2,500 new Twitter followers and 600 Discord followers.
  • Squad Faction 4 emerged victorious, securing the $10,000 cash prize.

Crypto Guilds Integration: Expanding Utility

The integration of Crypto Guilds follows a similar pattern to The Red Village partnership. This integration, which began on August 17th, introduces a novel NFT collection with enhanced utility for renters:

  • Crypto Guilds will offer a hero NFT collection available for rent.
  • The collection functions as guild passes, granting access to cash prize opportunities in various Polygon Gaming games.
  • Owners can rent out multiple NFTs and determine the rental split.

After this campaign, IQ Protocol will continue its rental format, promoting diverse games and increasing daily active users across the Polygon ecosystem.

Planet IX NFT Giveaway: Join the Excitement

IQ Protocol’s collaboration with Planet IX marks the third major event in August. Planet IX, currently the third-largest game on Polygon, presents a substantial opportunity. With over 100,000 daily connected wallets, it’s a significant player in the ecosystem. The collaboration entails giving away 500+ Planet IX NFTs as prizes through raffles and campaigns. Participation is straightforward:

  • Rent NFTs from the IQ marketplace to earn raffle tickets.
  • The giveaway runs from August 10th to August 31st, offering free entry and prepaid gas fees.

Rental periods are one hour each and provide one raffle ticket per rental. A maximum of 10 tickets per wallet per week is allowed. Prizes will be revealed on August 24th and 31st.

Embark on the Planet IX NFT Strategy Game

Planet IX, an NFT-based strategy game set in the year 450 ‘After Earth’, blurs the boundary between digital and physical realms. Beyond being a game, it represents an empowering movement for players, offering both an immersive gaming experience and real-life rewards.

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