Why GameSwift Is The Solution To Web3 Gaming Challenges

The Web3 gaming ecosystem has grown swiftly in the last two years. The crypto space has attracted billions of dollars in investments, and now it’s starting to attract the attention of gamers with a trend called web3 gaming. However, given that the space is relatively young, it still encounters its fair share of challenges.

These challenges have been made even more obvious in the bear market. From a high barrier to entry to complicated technological navigations required to access the games, blockchain gaming has been held back in its growth by the lack of solutions to these challenges. Given this, GameSwift has made the move to solve these issues of Web3 gaming. The platform, which is built atop its own chain set up on the Polygon Edge framework, promises never-before-seen capabilities as it propels gaming projects into the limelight.

Going From StarTerra To GameSwift

The offerings of GameSwift don’t end here. As the platform received a grant from Polygon as part of its strategic partnership, GameSwift is said to become the go-to gaming ecosystem for all games built on the Polygon blockchain. This comes after the exodus of projects from the Terra blockchain following the collapse.

Now, unlike most projects, StarTerra did not just move on to another blockchain. Given its reputation as the most popular fundraising platform on the Terra blockchain, StarTerra had taken its time to come up with an entirely new strategy. In the process, the project had decided to embrace the core tenets of its offerings, which is gamification.

After analyzing network security, scalability, on-chain transaction fees, condition of the local GameFi, user base size, and the existing NFT market, StarTerra had decided to partner up with Polygon. Only this time, it would rebrand as GameSwift, the leading Gaming Ecosystem for gamers and game developers.

A New Age

GameSwift is building a fully-fledged ecosystem for Web3 gaming protocols. Taking advantage of the decentralization of the Polygon blockchain, GameSwift is able to create its own unique solution known as the GameSwift Chain.

The GameSwift Chain is one that enables protocols to build solutions that incentivize blockchain gamers while providing them a better, refined, and more secure gaming-optimized chain. By doing this, all of GameSwift’s solutions will be able to take advantage of the best parts of the Polygon network.

It provides an entire blockchain ecosystem complete with its own gaming-optimized chain, dedicated Gaming Developer Tools known as GameSwift SDK, and a product called GameSwift ID which facilitates the access to different web3 games.

The GameSwift Chain is built on the framework of Polygon Edge, providing leading-edge technology for gamers and game ecosystems. It does this with both solutions based on the Polygon network such as zkEVM, and a broad suite of products developed in-house.

Why GameSwift Is The Answer

The Web3 gaming space has been the ‘perfect’ marriage of gaming and earning, but anyone who has interacted with blockchain games knows that currently, they are far from perfect. One example of the challenges being faced is the multiple chains where these games are domiciled. A gamer cannot simply move their NFT and game assets from one chain to another and would have to go through the process of switching networks every time they choose to interact with a new game.

What this does is create a technological barrier to entry, with the arduous process of switching from chain to chain discouraging gamers from continuing. GameSwift addresses this ever-present challenge with its GameSwift ID.

GameSwift ID is a decentralized identification system that allows gamers to connect their wallets to a single platform. Then anytime they connect to a Web3 game, the ID instantly identifies if they own the required NFTs and/or game items required to access that particular game, regardless of what chain they’re on. Think of this as using your Apple ID or Google Account to log into different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., without having to go through the hassle of switching every time.

Another offering from the project includes the GameSwift Extension. It is a cross-platform solution that provides easy integration with on-ramp solutions.

GameSwift Analytics provides much-needed insight to game developers by allowing them to track the performance of their gaming projects. For example, product owners can see how much time a user spent on a quest and how many NFTs the user purchased.

GameSwift Platform allows users to interact with others, launch their favorite games, and look through a vast range of public sales’ offers, including INOs (Initial NFT Offerings) and IGOs (Initial Game Offerings).

GameSwift Studios lead at the forefront by helping to promote the best blockchain-based games, accelerating their adoption. By getting the support of a world-class team of experts, game developers can make their gaming products gain immediate traction in the web3 gaming industry.

GameSwift Bridge is a solution that helps to simplify a complicated process of cross-chain communication. It is a bridge that enables users to transfer their digital assets between EVM and Substrate chains without needing to connect to any third-party platforms.

GameSwift’s mission is to bring all of the best of blockchain innovation and passion for gaming to a single platform empowering the mass adoption of web3 gaming.

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