0x launches on Polygon to scale its Ethereum based DEX services!

The 0x API is live on Polygon, aggregating liquidity across all existing sources — including QuickSwap, SushiSwap, Curve, Dodo, mStable, Dfyn, Cometh and more. Developers can access 0x’s documentation and start building on Polygon with 0x API today.

The 0x API is designed to make it easy for DeFi developers to tap into DEX liquidity in a fast, reliable, and easy to use way so you can focus on what matters: your product. Since launch, 0x API has facilitated over 1.5M trades from nearly 300K unique traders that in total represent more than $27 billion in volume traded across Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

0x API powers the top DeFi teams on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and today the 0x team is able to bring the same experience to developers building on Polygon. With this, the 0x team wants to help its integrators and the broader Polygon developer ecosystem onboard the next 1,000,000 users to crypto.

Polygon has demonstrated significant growth and the 0x team’s decision to expand to Polygon was impartial. Over the past 3 months, Polygon has developed a vibrant ecosystem. Earlier this month it processed almost 3X as many transactions as Ethereum.

For developers looking to add Polygon trading to their products, 0x API is the best place to start. 0x API currently aggregates all existing liquidity sources on Polygon — including QuickSwap, SushiSwap, Curve, Dodo, mStable, Dfyn, Cometh and more. Support for 0x RFQ and open order book orders will be available in the team’s next iteration.

About 0x API

0x is an important infrastructure for the emerging crypto economy and enables markets to be created that couldn’t have existed before. As more assets become tokenized, public blockchains provide the opportunity to establish a new financial stack that is more efficient, transparent, and equitable than any system in the past.

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