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Polygon Processes More Transactions Than BNB Chain Over Last Month

Polygon pushes nearly 100M transactions over the last month and ecplises BNB Chain heading into 2023. Polygon Eclipses BNB Chain in Txs Polygon processed over 3 million per over the past 30 days, maintaining a daily average higher than BNB Chain. Polygon processed over 99 million transactions compared to BNB Chain’s 98 million last month. The[Read more…]


Lithium is the world’s simplest launchpad. Their purpose is to combine brilliant founding teams with pooled investment from a community of early adopters. After an extremely successful launch 1 year ago, they have just recently launched the V2 platform. Lithium has chosen to leave Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in favor of the new token to[Read more…]

Voice AMA with Ecosmart recap

Voice AMA with Ecosmart AMA with Ecosmart EcoSmart is leading all into a smart era of decentralization. In order to ECS becomes more consumed, EcoSmart intends to create cloud development service, including building and deploying application through blockchain; Smart contract development; Opening of new crypto gaming market; Setting up a financial ecosystem [DeFi].Guest: Mr. Ben –[Read more…]

Bitkub Is Bringing Polygon to Thailand and the SEA Region

Bitkub will list Polygon (MATIC) on its platform to expand Polygon’s access to users in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. The largest digital asset exchange in Thailand, Bitkub, is listing Polygon (MATIC) on its platform, generating further interest in the prominent scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Bitkub is Thailand’s largest digital asset exchange[Read more…]

Kromatika Coming Live on Polygon to Enable Next-Generation DEX Trading

Kromatika.Finance dApp will launch on Polygon to enable users to trade without swap fees, price slippage, and no front-running bots Polygon is a full-stack scaling solution that aims to provide multiple tools to improve the speed and reduce the cost and complexities of transactions on Ethereum-supported blockchains. Polygon’s ecosystem already contains the most famous DEX[Read more…]

CompliFi v2 Is Now Officially on Polygon

CompliFi V2 is the first-ever on-chain derivatives platform with no liquidations, margin calls or defaults. After nearly a year of building, they are excited to announce that the V2 is now officially available for everyone on Polygon!  Today, they redefine the derivatives trading experience by eliminating surprises that they know from centralised exchanges. Polygon is[Read more…]


I. What is Yesports? Yesports – the  world’s largest Web3.0 esports engagement platform, set to launch esports into web3. Yesports harnesses the benefits of web3 with utility-first NFTs, an NFT marketplace and an esports-focused metaverse, offering a novel platform for fans to directly engage with their favorite esport teams like never before. 1. Partnerships &[Read more…]

Incognito Has Deployed a Bridge to Polygon and Turned On Privacy Mode for Users

Incognito chain integrates with Polygon (full-stack Ethereum scaling solution) to bring a new privacy solution for MATIC hodlers. Based on the statistics on DeFiLlama, Polygon is currently the 8th biggest chain in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL). With various technologies involved, Polygon is one of the best ways to make Ethereum cheaper and faster[Read more…]