1Hive Gardens Is Now Live on Polygon, Bringing Community-First, On-Chain DAO Governance to the Network

They are very happy to announce that Gardens – the framework for effective on-chain DAO governance – is now live on the Polygon network

Try it out for yourself here: ​​https://gardens.1hive.org/ 

Gardens (their wiki) was built by the 1Hive DAO, and has quickly become a game-changer in DAOs. Why? It’s a composable, sufficiently decentralized and self-improving system limited only by the community’s imagination. In Gardens, the community truly owns the keys to the DAO treasury.

For too long, Web3 communities have been held back by the overwhelmed Ethereum network, where gas fees have priced out much of cryptocurrency’s most transformative use cases. While Mainnet’s traffic is proof that the technology indeed is in demand, it has delayed progress in DAO governance by pricing out on-chain governance, which has turned the DAO landscape into governance by centralized multi-signature wallets where token holders are limited to signalling votes on Snapshot as their only way to add value to a project.

Polygon is a perfect fit because Gardens wants to be easily accessible to as many DAOs and people as possible. With transactions typically less than a penny, people don’t need to think about whether or not it’s worth supporting a proposal. On top of this, Polygon has a huge, thriving ecosystem of cryptocurrency projects that would benefit from building a Garden.

How do Gardens work?

Gardens are secure digital economies run by the community members that make them valuable.

Communities can use Gardens to launch their own token or they can import their pre-existing ERC-20 token. This token will be used as a governance token for deciding how funds are issued and how governance parameters are updated. 

Gardens also leverages many existing DAO technologies, especially with its integration with Gnosis, whose Zodiac modules give DAOs nearly unlimited programmable actions with their treasury.

A Garden has three main pillars:

A novel voting system for requesting funding (Conviction voting)

A decentralised DAO participation agreement (Community Covenant)

A dispute resolution protocol (Celeste)

Collectively, these create a system of bottom-up governance, where every member of the community can create funding proposals and realize their ambitions for the DAO, while at the same time protecting the DAO from abuse from rogue participants.

What does this mean to the community?

The Gardens launch is a truly important moment in the evolution of DAOs as DAO creators now have a powerful new framework at their disposal, all while enjoying scalability and near-zero fees on the Polygon POS chain!

In the beginning, they expect growth of Gardens communities to continue to be driven by crypto-native projects and online communities, but the Gardens framework is suitable for any cause in the public domain and web 3.0 space. They expect the real-world applications of Gardens will drive its long-term growth when cryptocurrency has full mainstream adoption.

Polygon has gained considerable traction in decentralized finance (DeFi) and DAOs, so this integration is a synergetic move. Just imagine the power of building a secure, truly decentralized DAO in just a few minutes!  The partnership will also contribute to Polygon’s role as a DAO-friendly network and leader in decentralised governance in this new open and borderless world

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