7 Reasons to Start Building on Polygon Right Now

Polygon has emerged as the leading platform solution for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development, but we didn’t do it all on our own. Throughout the journey, our partner projects and developer tooling have stood out. That’s why Polygon actively gives back to the broader community of projects working to make Web 3.0 a reality.

Here are just a just some of the ways we support every stage of development for more than 3,000 dApps already building on Polygon: 

Infrastructure Support. Polygon has been a go-to scaling solution for developers. We have taken that a step further by partnering with more tooling projects. Now you can make use of decentralized cloud storage on Akash Network, RPC providers and special developer packages on Tenderly, Gelato, Certora, and many others.

Access to PolyBuilders. Tap into an internal group of Polygon developers, Discord partners etc to discover synergies and get assistance in cross collaboration with other teams.

Technical Assistance. Ask inhouse developers for advice, trouble-shooting and best-practices on dedicated Telegram channels.

Analytics Support. Make the most of Dune Analytics dashboards to better understand your users. Our community has already created a lot of its own dashboards and Dune Analytics extended their support by launching a bounty program for all Polygon projects. Read more here

VCs & LPs. Leverage one-of-a-kind venture capital support and incubation, Polygon’s investor network, liquidity providers, and market-maker partners. 

Marketing Support. Give your message a greater reach in all regions with Polygon’s official media partners channels, AMAs, Twitter Spaces, and more. You can also access our global expertise network that includes ventures, universities etc. In addition, the wider Polygon community via Polygon Ecosystem DAO recently partnered with Crea8r DAO. Projects can now benefit from top content creators too. Read more here.

Security Audits. Get discounts on security audits from top partner firms in the industry, Showing users your commitment to security doesn’t have to break the bank, and the Polygon ecosystem is here to support. 

Building on Polygon means having a whole range of solutions at your fingertips from Polygon SDK, which provides a framework enabling developers to build Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, to Polygon Hermez, a decentralized Zero-Knowledge rollup. And there are more powerful tools in development, including a privacy-centric rollup with EY, Polygon Nightfall, and a general-purpose data availability layer, Polygon Avail

Who is building on Polygon? Oh, only some of the biggest Web3 platforms and developers in the industry, from decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols such as lending platform Aave to luxury brands company Dolce & Gabbana, and even NFT marketplaces including OpenSea and Mark Cuban’s Lazy.com. Some of the DApps that have integrated Polygon are SushiAavegotchi, and Arc8.

Polygon support is available to grant recipients from the Polygon Ecosystem DAO. Here is how to get started in three easy steps: 

Step 1 – Check out eligibility criteria here.

Step 2 – Learn about the grant approval process here.

Step 3 – Fill out the grant request form here.

Step 4 and on – start building!

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