AdLunam Is the Crypto Industry’s First NFT-Integrated Engage to Earn Seed Crowdfunding and IDO Launchpad With a Proof of Attention Allocation Model

AdLunam is the only IDO launchpad that rewards everyday engagement through Engage to Earn, and the first launchpad that offers allocation through Proof of Attention. Nowhere else can investors receive allocation and airdrops based on existing engagement actions such as posting, commenting, liking, voting, creating content, and referrals. 

An investor’s value (a combination of their Engagement Score and Wallet Score) is represented as a dynamic NFT (dNFT) that serves as an investor ‘passport’ in the AdLunam ecosystem. This dNFT is what qualifies investors for airdrops, allocation, community rewards, ambassador programmes, and influencer programmes. 

Existing launchpads typically use the following workflow:

Investors whitelist 

The project launching gets oversubscribed 

Based on whatever mechanism the launchpad uses – lotteries, auctions, or fair allocations – investors may or may not receive allocation. In the end, this isn’t really fair either to investors or to the project.

At AdLunam, they focus on the community. AdLunam is not a launchpad with a community but a community with a launchpad. 

30% of AdLunam’s allocation mechanism is based on the Engage to Earn model. In short, the more you are a ‘good actor’ and engage with the project, the higher your rating and, therefore, allocation. These are exactly the kind of investors projects look for. The AdLunam ecosystem rewards what can be seen as typical industry behavior. AdLunam is democratizing crypto in the exact same manner as the industry was built to function.

AdLunam’s entire business model is based on the idea that *quality* investors with proven track records deserve to get rewarded with airdrops, allocation, and community rewards, not just random investors who happen to click a button first. AdLunam extends a project’s ability to extend investor due diligence beyond the seed and private rounds, and offer investors the opportunity to Engage to Earn and get rewarded for their interactions via Proof of Attention. The NFT profiles can be fractionalised, enabling investors to create decentralised community pools on the AdLunam platform.

Polygon is a game-changer in the crypto space. As a full-stack Ethereum Scaling solution, Polygon solves the issues faced by Ethereum through its ultra-low-cost gas fees. Projects launching on AdLunam can leverage the seamless user experience that Polygon’s scaling brings to the table. We’re bullish on Polygon being the next Ethereum!

AdLunam is a game changer for both projects and investors. Projects get exclusive access to comprehensive data and can extend allocation to world-class retail investors. Through Proof of Attention, investors can exchange engagement for allocation. Community empowerment is the foundation of how the cryptocurrency industry got built, and AdLunam’s Engage to Earn model reintroduces a commitment to crypto democracy. AdLunam redefines how launchpad communities and investor communities operate.

With AdLunam, your attention is rewarded! Be part of the first-ever Engage to Earn community that rewards the value you bring to projects and the industry. 

Join the platform waiting list today and start building your Proof of Attention score!

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About Polygon 

Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions: L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 7000+ applications hosted, 1B+ total transactions processed, ~100M+ unique user addresses, and $5B+ in assets secured.

If you’re an Ethereum Developer, you’re already a Polygon developer! Leverage Polygon’s fast and secure txns for your dApp, get started here.

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