Algebra Weekly Report №44: 09/23

Hi, Algebra community! It’s Friday, and it’s time for Weekly, as always. Let’s break down all the current and the upcoming events, and disclose a little more details regarding the Staking 2.0 release.


Our development team is currently working in the three following directions. Take a look:

Elastic fees, aiming at making the trading experience on our platform as smooth as possible by reinventing the process of fees calculation for both huge transactions, and those that do not involve large amounts of crypto.

Rebase tokens’ support, also known as elastic supply tokens.

Staking 2.0, coming in the beginning of October!

Scroll throw this page to see more details regarding the last point.


1. Staking 2.0 is to be Out on October 5th

The release of our long-awaited Staking Program is scheduled on October 5th! The official date was postponed for a couple of days in the name of reducing the number of all the minor issues and inconveniences. Quality is what we strive to achieve!

Soon you’ll have an opportunity of providing yourself with a long-term passive income, generated with the help of the all newly integrated decentralized exchanges, running on our adaptive fees and concentrated liquidity mechanics.

Don’t forget that to be eligible to join the Staking 2.0 on Algebra, you need to hold a certain amount of our platform token — $ALGB.

At the moment, we are working to display the amount of all commissions collected from all DEXs that use our code-base.

2. Bug Bounty on StellaSwap x QuickSwap

Security is one of the most important elements of any DeFi project. For this reason, two major projects that have acquired the license for a concentrated liquidity AMM provided by us will host this bug finding event. The grand bug bounty, which will be launched by QuickSwap and StellaSwap, is arriving this Monday!

Take advantage of the marvelous event, find all the bugs which might occur while using decentralized exchanges, built with the help of our technologies, and win. More information regarding the event is coming very soon! Stay updated with this page.

About Algebra

Algebra is a breakthrough AMM, and a concentrated liquidity protocol for decentralized exchanges, running on adaptive fees. Providing projects with more user-friendly, fresh DeFi solutions and implementing the most efficient technologies, it reforms the DeFi field as we know it.

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