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RociFi Credit Score Update — September 2022

First Announcement — Credit Score Model Update With the latest release of RociFi’s credit risk model we are bringing some big changes. First, we are revamping how our scoring methodology treats depth of history in order to better distinguish credit risk among newer vs more established borrowers. Second, we are finally bringing credit migration to[Read more…]

Algebra Weekly Report №44: 09/23

Hi, Algebra community! It’s Friday, and it’s time for Weekly, as always. Let’s break down all the current and the upcoming events, and disclose a little more details regarding the Staking 2.0 release. Development Our development team is currently working in the three following directions. Take a look: Elastic fees, aiming at making the trading[Read more…]

Lucidao Community Update Q3 | 2022

Dear Community, You may have seen a lot of communication coming through our various channels in recent weeks, however, the purpose of this update is to present you with a summary of all recent developments. Despite the challenging market conditions, our focus has been on working hard to get our first Dapp, Altr, launched. Our initial goal[Read more…]

Get to Know the Chain — Polygon

Even if there are several contenders to the ‘throne’, Ethereum continues to stay well ahead of its rivals. Despite its much-publicized scalability issues, it’s going to take a while until some of the potential Ethereum-killers will make their claim. Still, all this talk about taking down the proverbial Goliath of a Web3 platform wouldn’t gain[Read more…]

Fireblocks To Add Support for SX Network and SX Tokens

We’re pleased to share that support for the SX Network blockchain has been added to Fireblocks’ institutionally-focused digital asset platform today. Fireblocks is an easy-to-use platform to create innovative products on the blockchain and manage day-to-day crypto operations, and this integration makes it possible for their clients to safely store and stake SX tokens from within[Read more…]

Polygon Fellowship 2022 | #Buidler Track

One fine day, I was scrolling through the hackathons hosted on Devfolio and found Polygon Fellowship on top. I got really excited!! and as I clicked on the apply button I saw only 50 fellows are to be selected which tbh lowered my hopes. Then I came across twitter posts seeing 10000+ applicants and I thought I[Read more…]

Shroom Airdrop, Validator Rewards, and Skills Release!

The Shroom Airdrop consists of Presale bonus, migration reward, and community events. The Presale Airdrop bonus is based on your Whitelist level: Whitelist 1- 2500 SHROOM Whitelist 2- 1800 SHROOM Other WL- 1000 SHROOM 100 SHROOM per user is rewarded to the users who migrated their NFTs from Harmony to Ethereum. And we have been conducting community events for[Read more…]

KyberSwap Launches New Wave of Concentrated Liquidity Yield Farms on Polygon

Concentrated liquidity mining on KyberSwap Elastic continues with 12 more farms to bring higher capital efficiency and optimized earnings for liquidity providers on Polygon! This first phase of this initiative is set to bring liquidity providers over 120,000 KNC in liquidity mining rewards, with more incentives to come in the near future! Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that[Read more…]

How to sent $MATIC from BSC to Polygon

More and more Polygon (MATIC) projects are popping up. This is a short guideline how to send BSC BEP-20 tokens to the Polygon network. There are a couple of ways to sent your tokens from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to Polygon (MATIC) network. For some you must pay a lot more transaction fee. This[Read more…]