Ali Martinez Forecasts a 100% Surge for Polygon, Ethereum Displays Varied Indicators as Everlodge Aspires to Lead in ERC-20 Tokens

Optimism Surrounding Polygon MATIC

With over 42,000 wallets holding approximately 5.8 billion Polygon MATIC, the native token of the Polygon network is currently at a strong demand level. According to a prominent analyst, there is a lot of optimism around Polygon. Meanwhile, Ethereum is experiencing a bit of a lukewarm performance lately. Considering this, will Everlodge eventually top ERC-20 tokens? Read along.

Major Crypto Evaluator, Ali Martinez Sees a Possible 100% for Polygon MATIC

The cryptocurrency MATIC, which belongs to the Polygon network, has been on an interesting journey lately. Although Polygon has been doing well, its price of Polygon still hasn’t gone beyond $1, stopping around $0.9295 as at last week.

However, a popular crypto analyst named Ali Martinez is optimistic. He sees a pattern on Polygon that suggests its price might double in the near future. Martinez particularly points out a triangle shape forming at $0.96, and if the price goes above this level, he thinks the native token of Polygon could jump to $1.82, almost a 100% increase.

Currently valued at $0.863, MATIC, the native token of Polygon is the 14th-largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of around $8.2 billion. Polygon On-chain data also shows that over 42,000 addresses have bought MATIC at $0.80 to $0.86, creating a strong support zone. According to a recent tweet, Martinez believes Polygon is ready for a bullish run, especially if it holds above $0.96.

Ethereum Might Cease to Lead ERC-20 Tokens if ETH Price Dwindles Further

Currently standing as one of the top crypto coins to hold and invest in, Ethereum (ETH) has had a remarkable development, being the backbone of many utility tokens out there. The price of Ethereum has been bouncing between $2,217 and $2,376 within a 24-hour period.

This volatility present in Ethereum value is complemented by an active market, as indicated by a substantial 24-hour trading volume of around $13.9 billion and a significant market cap of $268 billion, a 0.64% decrease in the past 24 hours.

Although the technical indicators of Ethereum suggest a balance between buyers and sellers, the moving averages provide a mixed view, with short-term indicators signaling negativity while longer-term indicators hint at potential long-term growth from Ethereum price today.

Ethereum value stands at $2,232 currently, a notable drop from a peak of $2,407. This decline prompts a cautious approach, given the lack of clear signals for stabilization or a reversal. While Ethereum possesses an active trading volume which signals a positive outlook, it’s paramount to watch before taking any buy or sell decision.

Everlodge’s (ELDG) Eccentric Blockchain Utilization Might Rank it as the Top Ethereum-Based Token

Everlodge is a trendsetting blockchain project that will storm the crypto world when it launches. Coming as the first-ever NFT project that integrates fractional real-world property ownership on the blockchain, the crypto space is yet to see another distinct innovation.

Everlodge and its native token, $ELDG, which might rank among the top crypto coins next year, is set to introduce a trailblazing concept that allows users to purchase, invest, own, and sell real-world properties like hotels and villas that have been digitized and minted into NFTs.

The entire ecosystem is amazing as it involves a marketplace that’s all about real estate investment and ownership where you can earn passive income by lending a fraction of these properties out and also by selling out the free nightly stays you’ll receive as a member.

Other earning opportunities also come from the $ELDG token where you can stake these tokens for a certain period of time and receive monthly interests, and also qualify for giveaways and raffles by holding the token.

With a projected 260% rise in $ELDG during the presale stage, the price currently sits at $0.027. Hurry and invest in Everlodge to build your NFT real estate portfolio. Don’t worry, the platform is fully decentralized, meaning you have full control over your assets and encryption keys.

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