FIFA Remains Committed to Algorand, Explores Minting Soccer NFTs on Polygon

Latest Developments: FIFA+ Collect Expands to Polygon

Recent updates reveal that FIFA+ Collect, the NFT platform, will continue to introduce NFTs on Algorand while venturing into Polygon through drops on OpenSea.

FIFA’s Dual Launch on Algorand and Polygon

FIFA is set to unveil a new collection of NFTs on both the Algorand and Ethereum scaling network Polygon in anticipation of the FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023. This announcement was made earlier this week.

The renowned soccer organization disclosed that this release marks the initiation of a collaborative effort with crypto startup Modex, which will now oversee the strategic management of FIFA’s digital collectibles platform, FIFA+ Collect.

  • The platform initially launched in 2022, exclusively minting NFTs on the Algorand blockchain.
  • FIFA clarified on Tuesday that it will continue NFT launches on Algorand via its platform and simultaneously expand to Polygon through drops on the OpenSea marketplace.

Details of the FIFA+ Collect Launch

FIFA+ Collect plans to release a total of 1,000 NFTs centered around the FIFA Club World Cup. The first 100 will be minted on Algorand and released on December 15, including exclusive “rarest collectibles” offering opportunities to secure tickets for the 2026 FIFA World Cup Final.

The remaining 900 NFTs are scheduled to drop on the OpenSea marketplace on December 19. Additionally, future FIFA NFT drops are planned on Polygon at OpenSea.

A representative from Polygon Labs initially conveyed to Decrypt that the “project has now moved to Polygon,” but a FIFA representative clarified that the platform is “expanding” to Polygon and “not shifting” away from Algorand.

“In the future, we will make any choice always having in mind the interest of existing and future users, making any technological choices as a way to serve them in the best possible way,” said the FIFA representative. “In this sense, we remain vigilant on the progress of the existing chains and community, and today we are very glad that Polygon is partnering with us on this.”

The FIFA Club World Cup commenced earlier Tuesday in Jeddah, featuring teams from top leagues worldwide, including English Premier League champions Manchester City.

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