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Fixing UI/UX in Web3 With Polygon | Polygon Pod

There is a specter haunting Web3 — our apps have user interfaces that are often inferior to what people have come to expect on the Internet and the overall user experience can set the bar for entry so high that only determined early adopters make it through. UI/UX is a major barrier to Web3 adoption[Read more…]

Data Availability, Polygon Avail & Our Multichain Future | Polygon Pod

Today we are taking a deep dive into data availability, an important aspect of blockchain scaling. We talk about the data availability problem and what it means for Ethereum’s rollup-centric future and also discuss how Polygon’s own solution – Polygon Avail – can help address it and unlock blockchain experimentation in the process. Our guests[Read more…]

How Blockchain can accelerate the Energy Transition | Reneum | Polygon Pod

We are back with another episode on sustainability and today we want to talk about what blockchains can do to help speed up the energy transition, which is the process of replacing fossil fuels with low-carbon energy sources. Our guest today is Brianna Welsh, co-Founder & Managing Director of Reneum, a green energy DAO on[Read more…]

Blockchain Going Green | KlimaDAO | Polygon Pod

Ethereum is the epicenter of all the biggest trends in crypto from NFTs and DeFi to blockchain scaling and zero-knowledge proofs. Join us in conversations about the most important questions in Web3. #OnPolygon Rights of this Podcast belong to Polygon and Spotify Source : Polygon podcast by Spotify Polygon Podcast by