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There is a specter haunting Web3 — our apps have user interfaces that are often inferior to what people have come to expect on the Internet and the overall user experience can set the bar for entry so high that only determined early adopters make it through.

UI/UX is a major barrier to Web3 adoption and is the subject of this episode. We discuss what works, what doesn’t and what we at Polygon are doing about it.

Our guests today are: Jofo Domingo, a Senior Product Designer at Polygon, who has plied the design trade in a broad variety of contexts from North American Banks to ConsenSys and DAOs based in Asia.

Twitter: @0xjoflow

Typeform: Polygon Beta Testing Program

LinkedIn: Jofo Domingo

Sai Krishna the founder of Cope Studio, a venture studio which brings together design, NFTs, DAOs, and VR/AR with a focus on Metaverse. Cope was recently acquired by Polygon, where Sai is also an advisor.


Twitter: @0xCopeStudio @5aitec

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