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Cryptodaily Admin: Alright good day everyone! Hope you’re all being absolutely calm right now And welcome back to another AMA with PolygonDaily I’m Daley and today I’m joined by Mr. Matt from Yesports. How are you doing Matt?

Matt Peters: I’m doing just fine Daley, thank you! Excited to be here and share some insights into our project – Yesports.

Cryptodaily Admin: And we’re here to take it all in!! First of all, the market situation is terrible just now, I hope the team is doing just fine!

Matt Peters: It has been a slow few months for the market but we are proud to be developing a strong and needed product that is built for longevity.

Cryptodaily Admin: And sure you have So, whenever you’re ready to start the AMA, say the word!

Matt Peters: Lessss go

Cryptodaily Admin: Let’s start the AMA with some introductory questions first

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community and your role in the project? As well as other core members? Are you all fully doxed?

Matt Peters: I am the marketing manager at Yesports. Having worked extensively in the blockchain space for the better part of 3 years, I started out with purpose built blockchain marketing firms before working directly with individual start ups in the space. Most recently I have been working closely in the game finance and P2E space with several projects looking into ways to onboard mainstream gamers into a blockchain based gaming ecosystem. Naturally my involvement with Game Fi led me to the great team and exciting project that is Yesports as we are at the heart of web3, esports and gaming enthusiasts.

– First off our CEO is Seb Quinn. He is the founder of Algorand’s biggest DeFi suite Yieldly.

– Head of Growth and Marketing is Benjamin Le Roux who boasts a strong career as senior marketing officer for Google

– Head of Esports is Dimi Farmakis who has been working closely with esports teams globally for many years. Dimi also helped grow the massive expansion of Fortnite, so has a deep knowledge of the space.

– Head of Product Nina Stammbach that has an impressive history in the legal space concerning Defi and tech innovation.

– Head of Operations Kristy Bayley who specializes in business optimization, pipeline growth and profitability. 

– Head of Communications Timothy Han who has an impressive history of self owned PR firms and many years within the  blockchain space 

We are working with a strong tech lead and dev team in relation to Polygon that has been working within the Polygon ecosystem for a very long time. Leaning into the polygon partnership and as sponsors of our project this is a great benefit to Yesports. We are finalizing some very exciting tech leads at the moment for some features that will be announced soon but we are very excited about revealing. I won’t go into everyone on the team but if you would like to know more please head over to our linkedin page and jump into our telegram group where you can find out more

And yes we are fully doxed

Cryptodaily Admin: Hot dang. May I ask where we can find the links to you guys’ linkedin?

Matt Peters: You can jump over to our Linkedin pages for a full list of team members.

Cryptodaily Admin: Ah ok, just that I can’t find the links to your team on your website, but of course, we can always dig more to dyor, with a team like that, I would too want to be fully public

Matt Peters: We advertise our team on our LinkedIn pages and you can also jump into our TG groups and chat with us there. Check out Yieldly LinkedIn as well as many of our team work with both projects. I’ll take note of this and see to add it to the website for ease of DYOR

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you

Q2: What is Yesports about? Why did you choose Polygon?

Matt Peters: Yesports is the world’s largest web 3.0 esport engagement platform built on the Polygon Network. Our aim is to launch esports into web 3.0 by leveraging web 3.0 tech mentioned below & accessing the estimated 500m+ esport fans worldwide to further interact with their favorite teams. 

Background of product and how the idea came about: We have worked with the leading esports teams for 6+ months (ever since receiving the Polygon builders’ grant) to deep dive into what matters most to teams and fans. What we discovered is that Esports teams want new ways to engage with their fans in web 3.0 — PLUS connect with the greater web 3 community longer term (given the large overlap between gamers and crypto enthusiasts).  And with that — we fused ideas from Web 3.0 and esports fan engagement to arrive at the vision we have today  — Yesports, which aims to redefine esports fan engagement — powered by what we call —the Esports Web 3.0 Engagement Platform (W3EP) The W3EP entails a few things; 

– World’s FIrst Esports Metaverse 

– Utility Based NFT Access Cards

– Largest esports-centric NFT marketplace with dedicated team storefronts

– Tech to support creators and teams to deliver metaverse and NFT tech for their fans. 

We will take a deeper dive into the above details here in bit — but overall our product is the culmination of incredibly deep partnerships and expertise —obsessed with delivering value for esports teams in web 3.0. We believe Yesports takes fan2team interactions to the next level.

Polygon has a massive edge when it comes to launching esports into web3: Polygon Studios is leading the charge for Ethereum’s vertical scaling strategy. There are significant benefits of being the only Ethereum-aligned and EVM-compatible side chain that offers lower fees and faster transaction times, and these are starting to show as many popular games and other low-value applications that can only survive in a low-fee environment have rapidly migrated to Polygon. Besides that, the excitement we saw from Polygon regarding the Yesports product and vision also was very encouraging – we always want backers who are supportive and have great tech to boot! We have been seeing first hand through the great support the value of our strategic partnership with Polygon Studios.

Cryptodaily Admin: I love it, can’t wait to be able to go into Yesports’ metaverse and participate in meet-ups with my favorite team And that is also what I want to know more about Yesports:

Q3: What sort of esports teams and partners do you have on board already?

Matt Peters: Firstly — we are privileged enough to be backed by the Polygon Studios — which has already proven to be an incredible partnership — in all possible ways. Especially starting out with the Polygon Studios builders grant. Our VC partner network is also vast and the list of top tier partners is notable; Spartan, MEXC, KOSMOS, YBB, Mozaik Capital, Zipmex, Alphabit, NGC Ventures, Kernel Ventures, GTA Ventures and IBMR are some of the names from a list of ~20 partners. You can find the full list on our website as we are fusing new partnerships to be announced soon. Additionally we are proud to have industry leading esports teams joining us from day 1. In fact, we’ve announced a number of major global esports teams (Talon Esports, Boom Esports, Renegades, Team Empire and Fact Revolution, WLgaming with more to come) who are on board to be the first to launch team NFTs on our platform — making Yesports the biggest esports NFT marketplace on the planet (home now to millions of fans). We have a few more teams and players that are joining us and we will be announcing them in the coming weeks so be sure to follow us on our socials to stay updated. We were very deliberate with choosing our partners — picking those who have strong focus on p2e and who we think will bring their network and expertise to Yesports. 

Also we are in collaboration with some of the biggest gaming guilds and p2E games — so there’s a huge opportunity here and we are looking to launch some pretty exciting things as the Yesports vision comes to life.

Cryptodaily Admin: So I take it as you’re supporting all games across all genres? Or do you focus solely on major e-sport games at the moment? csgo, fortnight, valorant, etc

Matt Peters: Yes, we take into account a number of different key aspects, not just games they play, when considering partnerships with esport teams. As the platform grows we expect to experience a range of diversity in games and gamers within the industry. Obviously there will be the big names like League of Legends and Valorant for example as these games are so widely known globally

Cryptodaily Admin: I see! Ok, so you also mentioned building an NFT marketplace. Let’s talk about that:

Q4: Tell us a bit about the NFT marketplace and how that fits in with the Esports Web 3.0 Engagement Platform?

Matt Peters: Great question —as mentioned earlier — let me go into a bit more detail on the Esports Web 3.0 Engagement Platform areas (which includes the NFT marketplace itself) that we believe will drive the success of Yesports; 

1) Web 3.0 Services: our team offers a full white glove service to esports teams to help them transition over to web 3.0 — this a major differentiator for us —as we know the transition can be challenging. 

2) NFT dev & GTM: We have a dedicated team of world class creators and strategists that help esports teams think through, and create high fidelity utility NFTs for their fans 

3) Yesports Marketplace: These curated NFTs can be sold/traded on the — Yesports Marketplace. Each team will have their very own NFT storefront within the marketplace — showcasing the range of NFTs we have on offer 

Firstly —Utilty Based NFT Access Cards —whereby fans can buy different packs that have different chances of rare trait NFTs — that include utility such as 

– Signed merch 

– VIP paid access to esport events

– General admission tickets 

– 1 on 1 Masterclass with esport teams 

– Online player meet and greets

– Gaming equipment

– Private discord access

– Private streaming access 

And so much more to be announced as we develop 

Secondly — fans can purchase one-of-kind NFTs designed in conjunction with teams called Collectables — all which have utility beyond just proven ownership.

And finally the marketplace will be curated maintaining our vision of being esport centric and incorporating all things desired by the significant fan base coming to Yesports. Here we will see a full array of NFT drops as we develop.

Matt Peters: Through leveraging real world and digital utility we naturally generate a multitude of engagement pathways that are aligned with Web3.0 infrastructure.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s the way to do it!However, like most web3 projects, how does your token tie these features together is what we’re also curious about:

Q5: Tell us about the YESP token and how that works in the ecosystem?

Matt Peters: The Yesports platform is powered by it’s native utility token $YESP

YESP is set to host an array of utility functions for holders that as you say – ties it all together –  including:

– LP and reward based staking from day 1 

– Voting and governance rights

– Access to platform benefits

– Buy back & burn features

We have worked with leading advisors to make sure that we are maximizing the utility of the token for users as the product continues to develop. It is a major key to the long term growth of the platform. The team is constantly looking at ways to increase the utility function of the token. Therefore, as we grow and the project matures we look forward to many different utility based functions and possibilities for the YESP token

Cryptodaily Admin: There’s also something that I’m curious about

Q6: Tell us about the team building of Yesports?

Matt Peters: I’m glad you asked this question! Our team has deep roots in the esports industry and strong ties to blockchain – and we’re used to opting for a track that no has has explored before: 

Our dev team contains experts in the NFT space, combining prior experience at trailblazing companies such as Immutable X and the first marketplace on Algorand for example. Our head of esports, Dimitris, is a 12 year industry stalwart, he’s what some would term a grandfather of the industry having been around since the days of Starcraft, working in places supporting Fortnite’s global expansion and more recently at Partner Esports, which has represented a number of leading teams and streamers.

Many of our team members have experience delivering incredible DeFi that is used by 10s of thousands of users. Our core team is also complemented by extremely well-connected folks to drive gamers into Web3, a few of whom we mentioned above. We have an international partner network – for example global esports teams, award-winning security audit firms (Halborn), marketing agencies and top tier VCs. Plus, there’s a whole host of other great folks on our advisory board, including:

Paypal’s former head of Global Strategy for Blockchain and founder of blockchain company Snickerdoodle Labs building secure data for Web3. Current VP of BD globally for Binance supporting us as well, who also led strategy for a NASDAQ 100 company . Combined, our team’s experiences provide us with the insights and network to continue operating at the forefront of esports industry developments.

Q7: What should we expect in the months to come? What is in your roadmap?

Matt Peters: You can see our Roadmap here while I type out some things in more detail. We take building products as the priority. Our dev team is constantly working hard to deliver our Q2 goals. With the tech product under development we also have been spending a lot of time making sure our product is fit for purpose. So we have been locking in partners and teams — of which — as mentioned — we have ~7 global teams signed and announced with a few more signed and about to be announced. We will continue to lock in world class partners — of which we have ~10 global leading partners who are incredibly excited to be a part of this.

There will also be a staking function post-TGE and we have an IDO lined up with a leading IDO platform. We also have a number of leading high growth CEXs that are roaring to launch our token day 1. So on the launchside, there is a lot of momentum there to get the token out and usable by as many of the esports and crypto community as possible. We will be making some serious announcements over the coming weeks — so be sure to follow us on Twitter / Telegram.

Cryptodaily Admin: You’ve been elaborating on the major partners, teams, as well as the revolutionary vision of Yesports. I would love to know more about:

Q8: What sets Yesports apart from other NFT and Web 3.0 projects?

Matt Peters: Yesports is the unique because it fully answers industry-wide calls for web3 innovation in esports: 

Well first and foremost — as mentioned with the signing of 7 global esports teams to our platform including a couple of the largest globally (as well 20+ key VC partners) — we are now considered the largest esports focused web 3.0 platform in the world. 

Also there are some great examples of fan token experiences and creator token experiences for esports teams, and even a growth in the P2E space, but nothing yet that has the same niche focus on the esports and gaming market to the extent that we are taking this.

Another unique aspect to Yesports is the concept and design surrounding our long term and world first Metaverse vision. We are concepting an Esports focused Metaverse where teams can build their home stadiums. Fans will participate in this by building within the digital  landscape. As to what they might build we can expect venues such as club houses, training grounds and storefronts among other things to create an Esports tailored one of a kind metaverse. 

We also have the ability to be the first true cross chain platform for esports in crypto too. We have a great and growing community in Algorand that we are able to build cross chain functionality for and bring esports fans into a world where they start to be more involved, to have them start to use the multitude of DeFi products that we have  built.  We are very excited for the cross over potential here as well.

A major difference also is that the Polygon-Yesports partnership means we have the potential to collaborate on a huge pipeline of top tier esports, NFT/P2E games, and other leading businesses that are contacting Polygon to assess how they can deliver Web3 for esport, gaming and their ecosystems.

Q9: How will Yesports engage non-crypto native esports fans?

Matt Peters: We love this as it still surprises us how underrated the gaming and esports market is globally.

– The gamer eSports community is around a 500m+ strong user group (on a monthly users basis globally).

– The gaming & esports market is worth $332B globally.

– And there is now a massive overlap of  the gaming and crypto community — and we have worked with our esports partners, advisors and our own expertise to develop exciting engaging ways to bridge those to worlds — it’s all very exciting. 

– A great example of this overlap — Microsoft bought Activision for around 70B to drive gaming into the metaverse – this speaks to the huge amount of interest in this overlap. 

– As it stands there is no single project out there focused exclusively on the esports market. To drive those gamers into the crypto market place — that’s where Yesports comes to play. 

Working with our partners, we believe we can deliver a superior experience that fans love, part of that experience is onboarding non-crypto native fans into the crypto world. We are also making plans for content development and a whole host of 101s to help these fans get on board with us, not just for our product but the Web3 engagement vision overall.

Cryptodaily Admin: Getting to know about Yesports is quite a mind-opener. I’m sure the chat would love to know more about you

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Yesports

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Matt Peters: I would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in this AMA, and to Polygon Daily for hosting us. 

Please jump across to our social channels 




Where we can continue this conversation further, and you can be on alert for our upcoming exciting announcements.

Cryptodaily Admin: Here we go! You can check Yesports out following these links:

– Website:

– Telegram: @yesports_gg

– Twitter:

Thank you Matt for coming on and introducing us to Yesports! We wish you nothing but the best and it seems like you are growing bigger and bigger everyday, so congrats on all your achievements as well. Take care man!

Matt Peters: Thank you very much! 

Take care guys!

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