Banksy FTM Presale Information

It’s time to launch Banksy on Fantom, and after a lot of analysis we’ll have a presale for $pre-banksy starting on January 5th.

This launch has some pretty cool stuff. Let’s check them out.

Launch Type: Presale


This presale will last 72hs. So please hurry up!!

This presale will start on January 5th — 15:00 UTC.
This presale will end on January 8th- 15:00 UTC.

Early Access

This presale will have a tiered access to its tokens. If you come and join presale early, you’ll get extra rewards.

The schedule will be:

  • Early Access 1: First 24 hs. From January 5th–15:00 UTC to January 6th-14:59 UTC.
  • Early Access 2: Second 24 hs. From January 6th-15:00UTC to January 7th-14:59 UTC
  • Presale: Last 24 hs. From January 7th-15:00 UTC on.

Presale Pricing

This presale will have 3 tiers, and therefore 3 pricings:

  • Early Access 1: $20.
  • Early Access 2: $23.
  • Presale: $25.

So please hurry up, and get the best price possible.

Top 50 Presalers

As before, we are rewarding our most loyal supporters with a NFT to the top 50 presale token holders.

So buy as much FTM $Pre-banksy as possible and get rewarded!

Presale Max Supply

Only 5,000 tokens!

  • Initial Liquidity 10%
  • Marketing / BuyBacks 60%
  • Dev Reward 20%
  • Walls (Dividen Pools) 10%

For extra info, please click here:FTM Presale InfoEdit

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