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Coinwire Admin: Welcome everyone back to another wonderful AMA with Polygon Daily!!! I’m Daley and today, I have here with me Lucky – Community Sponsor at BetBOOM to introduce us to the project

Lucky: Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to communicate with you

Coinwire Admin: There he is! Welcome lad, how’s it going with you?

Lucky: Fine, thank you. Hope all goes well

Coinwire Admin: Likewise! Glad to have you here with Polygon Daily! Can’t wait to understand what BetBOOM has to offer! So let’s kick this AMA off with our first segment: Q&A with the host

Q1. What kind of program is BetBOOM? Please briefly introduce the project

Lucky: Ok. BetBOOM represents a decentralized reform in games. BetBOOM marks a great foray of Web3.0 into games. Through the model “BET to Earn”, guessing games are no longer simply zero-sum ones, with players enjoying diverse benefits. Bring it on! We will embark on a brand-new path of decentralized games. By deeply binding the betting game and mining ecology, it allows small funds to truly lever up big leverage. You can learn more about our website,

Coinwire Admin: Be sure to check it out!

Q2. What is the vision of BetBOOM?

Lucky: BetBOOM’s vision is to build up a decentralized gaming market, one that gives all the benefits back to community users. To sort out problems concerning equality and trust. BetBOOM, independent from any authorized center or intermediary organ, uses blockchain technology, enhancing mutual trust between all sides. Every transaction completed through BetBOOM will be recorded, stored, and presented on the blockchain, which ensures the guessing record is fair, transparent, immutable, and accessible to players. In this sense, BetBOOM earns great fame and gamer trust. To guarantee the safety of funds and the anonymity of identity

BetBOOM uses a Web3.0 wallet as its platform account, which enables players to be free from registering and topping up. All players need to do is play games with blockchain wallets. The fund of users is stored in their Web3.0 wallet, whose keys are held by users themselves. Meanwhile, all the jackpots and token awards are controlled by smart contracts, and there is no flight risk or fund insecurity. BetBOOM guarantees the anonymity and privacy of users, who do not need to give their phone number, e-mail address, or KYC information. To maximize community governance and benefits

Every gamer within BetBOOM will be the builder and governor of the platform, enjoying platform development benefits. The mechanism “Bet to Earn” introduced by BetBOOM helps players win a huge sum of money and tokens, with jackpots repurchasing and destroying tokens and players maximizing their benefits.

Coinwire Admin: So with all that being said

Q3. What features does BetBOOM have to attract players?


1) NFT loyalty card

NFT loyalty card is a bet game membership card in the BetBOOM ecosystem, and is also the only commercial and financial transmitter. NFT membership cards are the ones of guessing games within BetBOOM and are the only commercial and financial transmitters. BetBOOM, through innovation, associates NFT with game mining and social relationships. Every NFT represents an independent identity, with players earning considerable benefits when they play and socialize. Tokens awarded through the game are locked in the safe, with players with NFT membership cards able to unlock awards. The cards are ranked from 1 to 10, and higher ranks mean a quicker speed of unlocking awards. To upgrade NFT, players need to use their tokens. As NFT are upgraded to level 6, players may create new NFT. The higher the level, the more low-level NFT they can create. Newly-created NFT will be always associated with high-level NFT, and high-level NFT will win another 10% of benefits generated by ones at the last level, and another 2% by ones at the level before that. Creation and sale of NFT will provide you with high returns.

2) Explosive incentives from jackpots

Every game within BetBOOM has its jackpot, whose amount of money will increase with the number of players. As the amount of money crosses the threshold, the jackpot will distribute all the money to players through smart contracts, thus maximizing the benefits for players. The distribution of money:

To next jackpot: 25%

To repurchase & destroy BET tokens: 20%

For the repurchase of BOOM tokens & participation in profit: 20%

To award users in governance: 20%

To operate the platform: 10%

Coinwire Admin: So it’s something like soulbound NFT in a way

Lucky: Yes, but nft can be traded in the secondary market. Betboom nft has good liquidity

Coinwire Admin: Ok very intriguing 

Q4. How will the betting amount be calculated

Lucky: Here are different levels of betting money, and players may set the amount by themselves with a cap. The awards will be cashed in according to odds. Every round of guessing will generate separate orders, and the awards are cashed in after each round of the game.

Coinwire Admin: Ah understood,so very much like the good old betting websites in web2. But we’re dealing with web3 now with NFT integrations, which level BetBOOM up to a next level. 

Lucky: The betboom platform gives users more incentives

Coinwire Admin: I can only imagine! Tons of profits as you said. So, regarding Web3 integration, the core value is obviously decentralization: 

Q5. How to participate in the governance of BetBOOM?

Lucky: Players who lock their BOOM will gain the right of governance. The longer they lock their BOOM, the heavier weight of governance they will get. With the right of governance, players may vote on the jackpots of games. The more votes a jackpot gets, the more BOOM the players on the jackpot charts will win.

Coinwire Admin: Oh very nice

Q6. What types of tokens can be obtained through the game?

Lucky: BetBOOM boasts two platform tokens, BET and BOOM, with the first being the awarded token of players and the second the governance token of BetBOOM. The two-token model will make the platform more resilient. Both tokens can be traded in the secondary market.

Q7. Can you get in detail what BET is and how do I get and use them?

Lucky: There is no issue cap for BET tokens, but there is no need to worry that BET may cause panic in the secondary market because the creation of every BET means the participation of players. More players, more BET. Meanwhile, BET issued are locked at the beginning, nonexistent in the secondary market. To lock BET, players have to tie NFT membership cards, which avoids the inflation of BET. With more players on the platform, jackpots will repurchase and destroy BET, players will destroy BET to create and upgrade NFT, and BET will reach a balance between inflation and deflation and stand at a stable price. You can get BET by playing games and returning commissions from low-level NFT. You can spend BET by repurchasing as the jackpot explodes and creating and upgrading NFT.

Coinwire Admin: Cool mechanism!

Q8. So what about BOOM? What is BOOM and how to get and use them?

Lucky: A total of 100 million BOOM tokens will be issued. The token gives users the right to govern and profit participation. The production of BOOM is extremely slow, and most BOOM are used to pledge to vote. As the jackpot explodes, 20% of the fund in the jackpot will be distributed to users who pledge to vote for BOOM. With the demand for BOOM increasing, the value of BOOM will have an upward spiral. You can get BOOM by playing in the fourth and fifth round of the game and winning awards from the contribution per week chart. You can spend BOOM by repurchasing as the jackpot explodes and creating and upgrading NFT.

Coinwire Admin: Right, the 2 tokens are cool, but then:

Q9. How will BET and BOOM be allocated? Are there private or seed rounds?

Lucky: There is no private or public offering for BET and BOOM. No tokens are set aside for any team, all tokens are released through the game. Beyond the part used to enhance original liquidity, all the BET and BOOM are obtained through playing games. After enhancing the original liquidity, BetBOOM will enable smart contracts to control and release all the tokens. So, the platform itself cannot obtain tokens.

Coinwire Admin: I like that! There should not be any huge selling pressure by the VCs or team then!

Lucky: No selling pressure

Q10. How do we get benefits from BetBOOM?

Lucky: You can earn benefits from BetBOOM in the following ways:

1. Guessing benefits: players may gain considerable benefits from guessing games.

2. Mining benefits: both winners and losers of guessing games will get BET as their awards and have the chance to win BOOM tokens.

3. Benefits from contribution per week chart: the first 100 players on the chart will get BOOM as their awards.

4. Benefits from the explosion contribution chart: after the explosion of the jackpot, 10% of the fund will be used to repurchase BOOM, which will be distributed by the first 100 players on the list.

5. Benefits of participating in profit through governance: after the explosion of the jackpot, 20% of the fund will be awarded, in the form of USDT to those who participate in the governance.

6. Tokens with higher value: after the explosion of the jackpot, 40% of the fund will be used to repurchase BET and BOOM in the secondary market.

7. Benefits from returned commissions: high-level NFT will win another 10% of benefits generated by ones at the last level, and another 2% by ones at the level before that.

8. A lucky user: after the explosion of the jackpot, 5% of the fund will be distributed to a lucky user.

9. Benefits of creating NFT:as NFT are upgraded to level 6, players may create new NFT. Creation and sale of NFT will provide you with high returns.

10. Blast Bonus BOOM: The player who activates the bonus pool explosion will receive an additional BOOM bonus.

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with BetBOOM

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Lucky: Yes, thank you all for listening, and wishing everyone true wealth. Good luck

Coinwire Admin: Thank you too for being here with Polygon Daily Lucky! Best of luck to BetBOOM and your future endeavors. Take care man

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