Carret Is Launching “24Carret”- Crypto Savings Account

$MATIC holders can now earn up to 10% APY on their $MATIC token with 24Carret

Crypto enables HODLers to earn Interest on their crypto assets through yield farming, staking opportunities or earning interest by holding the assets on platforms like Carret. 

Carret is launching a new product called “24Carret”, where users can make investments and earn up to 17% interest on their crypto holdings. This will be akin to a crypto savings account where users will get a default interest rate on select crypto holdings, MATIC being one of the prominent ones. By supporting Polygon, Carret enables its users to earn interest on their $MATIC token holdings. Crypto users are invited to join the waitlist and be part of the “24Carret” family.

24Carret” satisfies the wealth compounding needs of long-term crypto investors by offering yield on their crypto holdings. It will offer an interest rate of up to 10% APY on $MATIC tokens and up to 17% APY on other crypto holdings. Crypto users who are beginners and starting their journey in the crypto Industry can also easily use “24Carret” without having to worry about any complexity of managing multiple accounts on different platforms or understanding the complex world of DeFi or yield farming or even staking. Retail Investors would be able to make long-term profits without going into complex processes of yield generation. 

24Carret” will provide a seamless opportunity to the users to earn a yield on their crypto holdings. In the future, it will be launching additional financial products like crypto reward cards and asset-backed loans facility that will allow users to take over collateralized loans at different LTVs.

About Carret

Carret is a trading and investment application that allows users to buy or sell different crypto assets and earn up to 17% APY interest on crypto holdings. Further, investors and traders would use those coins as collateral to borrow money in the form of stable coins. Carret aims to build two services, “24Carret”- the crypto savings accountand the Carret Trading platform. The trading platform is already live and you can access it here. Soon after building the two services, carret would be releasing their crypto token known as CarretX to offer multiple use cases.

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About Polygon 

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