Carrieverse and Polygon Collaborate to Expand “Carrie and Friends” Metaverse Project

A new partnership has been announced between Carrieverse and Polygon to build the Carrieverse metaverse project. The Ethereum scaling solution is expected to host the metaverse project on the Polygon network.

Carrieverse is a social metaverse site that mirrors meaningful content such as Web3 games, education, and commerce. It also supports corporate onboarding and tools to help creators construct their unique identities.

The metaverse platform is a Generation Z and Alpha platform that aims to recreate the real-life activities of younger individuals. The company plans to incorporate true social activities like games, education, business, and other projects. In addition, participants can also develop their unique non-fungible tokens (NFT) and, at the same time, experience truly immersive digital feelings.

Furthermore, Carrieverse intends to develop a P2E tactical game called “SuperKola,” with an NFT collection. The game will be developed with Kim Bo-tong, the director of Netflix’s smash drama, D.P.

Polygon’s head of global games business development, Urvit Goel, noted that Carrieverse is an inclusive metaverse project that will expand the gaming ecosystem, commerce, and NFTs. It also aims to bring worldwide awareness to the “Carrie and Friends” brand.

Goel added that Polygon is excited to partner with Carrieverse by contributing to the platform’s growth and providing it with the Polygon blockchain tools to make it a success.

As an Ethereum-based blockchain protocol, Polygon is designed to function with the Ethereum network by lowering transaction fees and accelerating processing times while maintaining security. Polygon, as a carbon-neutral platform, also guarantees that the carbon footprints of every transaction are completely offset.

David Yoon, the CEO of Carrieverse, noted that utilizing Polygon’s can position Carrieverse’s economic system at its peak. The company aims to build a Web3 protocol and applications by leveraging the power of the Polygon blockchain.

Moreover, Yoon added that Carrieverse would adopt the Web3 metaverse using Polygon’s exceptional technology and sustainable blockchain ecosystem.

Gen Z’s Choice of Metaverse

Most of the younger generation feels more comfortable making out in the metaverse than in the physical world. Recent studies have shown that Gen Z gamers spend more time interacting with friends online than in real life.

The emergence of the virtual avatar has pushed gamers to become more attuned to the metaverse as they find it more immersive. By creating their unique identities, Gen Z feels more at ease using the metaverse, as there is no anxiety due to social and economic status, as can be found in the real world.

Moreover, Gen Z finds it easier to make new friends in the virtual space than in real life, and they also wish to have their preferred brands in the metaverse to complement their lifestyle.

This has led many top brands from the tech and fashion industries to set up a base in the metaverse.

However, despite the skepticism about the metaverse, the reality is that it is here to stay, and Gen Z is the driver.

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