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Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you all of you Polygon advocates for joining PolygonDaily’s AMA with ChainPlay!! I’m your host Daley and together with ChainPlay, Mr. Fred Do  is going to walk us through what ChainPlay is all about!

Good day to you Fred, how’s everything?

Fred Do: Yeah, hi everyone, it’s good to be here and thanks Daley for this AMA, so that Polygon Community can know more about Chainplay

Cryptodaily Admin: Hey my pleasure! Always a pleasure to promote our project! So before we begin, would you like to introduce yourself to the audience?

Fred Do: Sure, I’m Fred, business development from TK Ventures and also business development from

Cryptodaily Admin: To add something up, PolygonDaily is also one of the news delivery platforms of TK Media, which is also related to TK Ventures. So really excited for today’s AMA with ChainPlay So let’s not keep everyone’s waiting and begin our AMA right away, shall we? 

Fred Do: Yeah, we can start it now

Cryptodaily Admin: Perfect!

Q1. What is Chainplay? Please give us a brief introduction

Fred Do: Chainplay is a one-stop hub for Blockchain Gaming & NFTGamers. It covers almost everything in the GameFi market. You might immediately think about Coingecko or Coinmarketcap when you look at Chainplay, but the special thing here is that everything we have is about GameFi, and everything we build here is for the GameFi market. Moreover, Chainplay also focuses on UX UI to optimize the user experience, so that new users, crypto novices, or those who have been in the crypto market for a long time can use it. You can go to the Chainplay website and take a quick look at the features available on Chainplay by following the link:

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok so yes, one thing that immediately comes to mind is ChainPlay working a lot like Coinmarketcap, but for GameFi. However, Coinmarketcap also lists all GameFi projects. So what is special about ChainPlay that makes users want to check you guys out for GameFi projects? Are there any innovations that Coinmarketcap or Coingecko do not have?

Or even better, why is ChainPlay better?

Fred Do: For this question, I don’t think Coinmarketcap will have more GameFi projects than us. We are confident that we update more gamefi projects than Coinmarketcap because our database is aggregated from many sources and the projects are all up-to-date. The process of a project to be listed on Coinmarketcap is also more complicated. In addition, there are a few other special features on Chainplay that will be released soon, which I believe Coinmarketcap and Coingecko do not have. These features bring more insight and give users more information about the GameFi market.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s also what I want to know, the listing process of ChainPlay

Q2. If a game is not listed on Chainplay, how can you add it to Chainplay?

Fred Do: We have a button “Add Game” where you can submit the project to Chainplay. For this function, you will have to submit: your project name, description, project logo, select genre game, select blockchain, select platform, your token ticker, contract (in case the project already released the token), tokenomics, and submit all the links that related to your project like Website, Twitter, Medium, Discord, Telegram…

After you fill out all the stuff, our team will check again and approve it soon. Normally, this process takes 1-2 days.

Cryptodaily Admin: ok, so will there be no KYC needed?

Fred Do: At this stage, there is no need for KYC. We just do the soft due diligence by checking the projects’ website, paper, Twitter, telegram,…

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s also fine, but I think, if there’s an option for creators to post their info would be nice. Of course this  should be optional. if they want to show the users that they are doxed, they should be able too

Q3. In the GameFi market, the definition of play to earn has become very familiar to everyone. As someone who likes to play games to make money but doesn’t have enough money to pay for the entry costs of the game, how can Chainplay help you?

Fred Do: In Chainplay, we have a great feature called “Guilds”. Don’t misunderstand that we are running a gaming guild and providing you with scholarships to play games. In this tab, we aggregate all the information of existing guilds on the Gamefi market, from market cap, average take rate (the rate is the percentage of revenue they will distribute back to you when you have that guild scholarship), the number of members in the discord of the guild, their partnered game projects, and backers. Through that information, you can choose the most suitable guild to join and apply for a scholarship. To apply for a scholarship, please join the discord of that guild and register. This, in our opinion, is very reasonable for those who do not have enough money to pay for the entry cost of the game.

Cryptodaily Admin: Yep, we can’t find that easily in Coinmarketcap Man, you guys are being absolutely specific to Blockchain Gaming. You know what, if you can partner up with these guilds, and ask them to allow users to register to become a scholar right on ChainPlay website, that would be cool

Fred Do: Yeah, we feel this GameFi market is still very young and so many things that we can do to contribute for this market That’s a great idea dude

Q4. What if a game is a scam, will ChainPlay still list it?

Fred Do: Many Blockchain Games have been labeled as a scam at some point during their existence. We just do the soft dd process and give you the greatest tools to reach your conclusions. The game is eligible to be included on our site as long as it fits the listing criteria. Please contact us if there is clear evidence of fraud, and we will consider deleting the game from Chainplay. And remember when you decide to play a game, please research them carefully. Maybe in the future, we can define the scam for you. 

Here is the contact link:

Cryptodaily Admin: You know what, that’s a great idea, instead of deleting scams from ChainPlay, you should label it as “scam” so anyone who comes across that project will know immediately. That’s way better than deleting

Q5. As far as I know, Chainplay is a site that aggregates many new NFT game projects. As a newbie to the NFT game, it is hard for me to know which are reliable projects and which are scam projects. Does Chainplay have any tools to synthesize the most prestigious and investment-worthy projects at the moment so that new users like me can easily learn and then decide to invest?

Fred Do: Chainsplay is now working on new sites such as potential games and the best new live NFT games. Users will be able to access these functionalities shortly. We have developed a list of games that we believe have the most promise as well as the most dependable projects. New users can quickly determine which projects are trustworthy by visiting these 2 new pages. At the time we publish these pages, we will announce it on our Twitter:

Cryptodaily Admin: Please add that asap!!

Q6. Let’s imagine I come across a trustworthy project that is worth investing in alongside a scam project on Chainplay; what can I do to provide more information to other users?

Fred Do: The first is about scam projects; because we synthesize several diverse gaming projects in a system, scam projects are unavoidable. However, we have a solution to this difficulty. Users can provide feedback in the write review section by clicking on that gaming project. The customer input will be delivered directly to us in this manner. We may opt to remove that project from chainplay after reviewing it.

Then there are trusted projects that people desire to share with the community. Chainplay features a feature that allows users to rate projects based on their star level; if a project is really good, users can rate it 5 stars and leave a review. The more people who vote, the more objective the vote. We’ll also include it on chainplay’s greatest game pages

Cryptodaily Admin: These are great, but I’m afraid the star feature can have some drawbacks too. Fudders can manipulate that function to rate 0 star

Fred Do: Oh, about this, let me explain, we do re-check all the comments and reviews before publish it so don’t worry about fudder or the seeding team

Cryptodaily Admin: ohhh, you thought this through! Loved that

Ok so for our last question with ChainPlay:

Q7. When using Chainplay, if I want to comment on features or have other insights that I want to exploit, but Chainplay does not have it yet, how can I raise this comment?

Fred Do: As I show you the link above, if you want to contact us or any feedback on our website, please find us at or can dm directly in our Twitter:

Chainplay is in the early stages and will have more updates in the near future so we would be very happy to receive feedback, idea, comment from everyone

Cryptodaily Admin: Check them out peeps!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with ChainPlay

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Fred Do: Thank you for being here, and joining this AMA with us, I’m sorry I can’t answer all of your questions. But I feel very happy to receive all those questions. After this AMA, you guys can visit our website to know more about Chainplay ( or read this article to know clearly about our feature:

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you very much Fred for being here with the PolygonDaily community! We would love to see more of ChainPlay in the future. Blockchain gaming is going to be even bigger in the future, that’s why I have high hopes for ChainPlay and what you are contributing to the space. Take care man!

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