Coinbase makes connecting DApps on Polygon more seamless!

14th July — We are thrilled to announce that Coinbase Wallet mobile app and extension will now be available for Polygon.

The Coinbase and Polygon integration will allow faster and cheaper transactions and provide easy access to Decentralized Applications (DApps). This will definitely enhance the whole DeFi ecosystem and will make it more accessible.

Connect Polygon & Coinbase Wallet:

Coinbase has made it simple for users to set up and get started with Polygon in a few steps:

Open up your Coinbase Wallet mobile app. Navigate to Settings, select Active Networks, and then Polygon network from the list.

Source: Coinbase

Once you enable “Polygon”, you will conduct transactions and access DApps on the Polygon network. (Don’t see Polygon? Please check that you are running the latest version of the Android or iOS Coinbase Wallet app.)

The switch to the Polygon network will automatically be reflected on both the mobile app and in the Coinbase Wallet extension.

Benefits to Polygon users

Firstly, users need to connect the Polygon Web Wallet and Coinbase Wallet and can use the Polygon Bridge to send ETH or various Ethereum tokens such as USDC, DAI, UNI, etc. from the Ethereum main net to the Polygon network. Once the user moves coins over Polygon, they can try different Polygon DApps. App developers on Polygon can add support for Coinbase Wallet users which will ease the process of signing in to DApps.

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