CoinFantasy brings the world’s 1st decentralized fantasy gaming for crypto markets on Polygon

In an exciting turn of events, CoinFantasy, the world’s first decentralized NFT based fantasy game for crypto markets, is launching on Polygon! 

Polygon is a faster, safer, and cheaper platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. By launching on the Polygon mainnet, CoinFantasy will be able to provide quicker and cheaper transactions and further its aim of resolving the inefficiencies in the crypto ecosystem. 

Polygon has become extremely popular in the last few months, and the number of blockchain projects launched on Polygon has been rapidly increasing. This increase in popularity can be easily explained by the inefficiencies of the Ethereum Network, such as network congestion, slower transactions, and high gas fees. CoinFantasy, by launching on Polygon, will ensure that its community does not face such issues. 

Launch of CoinFantasy on Polygon

Polygon is a full-stack that offers low-cost and efficient smart contract applications using a hybrid Plasma and Proof of Stake sidechain protocol. The company’s high performance and low-fee infrastructure serve as an ideal platform for CoinFantasy to launch its services.

What does integration mean?

With the launch of CoinFantasy on Polygon, the platform will optimize its services to ensure an optimal consumer experience. With this integration, CoinFantasy will further its aim of solving the problems users face on congested networks such as Ethereum. Polygon is a fork from Ethereum Network that has limitless scalability without affecting the transaction fees and speed.

Users of CoinFantasy can take part in all the services offered by CoinFantasy, such as selling and minting NFTs, smart-contract based settlements, Smart Credit System, and much more., without any issues.

Besides, the Coin Launch the gamified Launchpad on Polygon will allow other projects in its ecosystem to host their whitelisting on Coin Fantasy in which users participate in a game to get whitelisted for allocation & airdrops. This prevents bots from front-running users for allocation and brings in a creamy layer of participants who understand the crypto market. Also, it is an interesting way for projects to engage their community compared to traditional launchpads

The advantage of Polygon to users

Polygon offers a cost-effective, speedy cross-chain solution using itsfull-stack solution network. It operates on a side chain of Ethereum network to offer scalable, secure, and instant transactions for the users. With the integration of CoinFantasy on Polygon, the platform will become faster and future-proof for the inevitable growth of the community.

Integration Details

CoinFantasy is currently operating platform independent but will be initially launched on Polygon & Ethereum Testnet and made available to the community in the 1st week of August 2021. After completing the initial testing phase, the project will be fully launched on the Polygon Mainnet at end of this quarter

With this launch, CoinFantasy will initiate user participation and start unrolling its services to the entire community. 

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About Polygon 

Polygon is the first well-structured, accessible platform for Ethereum scaling and development. Polygon is powered by its core component, Polygon SDK, a modular and flexible framework that allows building and connecting secured and standalone chains. It is designed for flexibility and independence. 

Ethereum Developers are equipped with all the tools to work on Polygon, which improves the interoperability of the blockchain. 

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About CoinFantasy

CoinFantasy is the world’s first platform to gamify the financial crypto market with the help of NFTs. It is a decentralized community-based project that takes the users’ suggestions seriously while planning the company’s future. 

CoinFantasy allows users to create and run their own prize-pool-based fantasy games where participants can win rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies. The game participants, organizers, and sponsors alike benefit from the event, creating a win-win situation for every party.

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