Cricket NFT platform Rario launches on Polygon

Cricket-based digital collectibles platform Rario today announced its integration of Polygon and the investment from Polygon Studios, leveraging the team’s extensive NFT expertise.

Rario’s integration of Polygon coincides with Polygon’s launch of Polygon Studios, a new NFT- centric gaming and metaverse hub designed to facilitate web 3.0 gaming, backed by a $100 million fund to accelerate mainstream adoption of NFT projects.

Polygon Studios has already worked with the majority of today’s top blockchain-based Web 3.0 games and NFT projects, including Decentraland, Opensea, Sandbox, Somnium Space, Decentral Games, and has 5x more gaming and NFT Dapps than other chains outside of Ethereum main chain at around 300+ gaming and NFT Dapps.

Rario will use Polygon Studios to build its platform which will allow Rario users to make faster and hassle-free transactions.

Announcing the integration, Mr. Ankit Wadhwa, Founder and CEO Rario said, “We are delighted to have Polygon Studios on board with us in our collective journey to revolutionize the digital collectibles space. The domain expertise, credibility, and substantial added bandwidth that Polygon Studios brings on offer will enable our team at Rario to create a highly furnished product for the market. We are excited to work together with the team at Polygon Studios. Our vision of taking fan interaction via Rario Club syncs well with the digital culture ecosystem Polygon Studios is building.”

Polygon Co-Founder Sandeep Nailwal said, “Our aim behind setting up Polygon Studios was always to facilitate a hotbed of digital culture, which is a vision that we are pleased to share with Rario. With its commitment to making the best use of modern technology to shape fandom for generations to come and change the way the fans interact with the game of Cricket; we believe Rario is laying down the foundations for making digital collectibles the most prized asset for sports fans in India and across the world. Polygon Studios is thrilled to be on this pioneering journey with the Rario team.”

Polygon Co-Founders Sandeep Nailwal and Jaynti Kanani are also investors in the company. Rario will look to continue to work on more projects as they come to the market soon including titles from BCCI, ECB, and ACB, among others. The Rario and Polygon Studios teams will be conducting a joint Ask Me Anything (AMA) online session to begin an open dialogue with users.

About Polygon 

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About Rario

Rario is a digital collectible platform for cricket fans to collect and trade officially licensed cricket moments on the blockchain, represented as a non-fungible token (NFT).  Rario is built on the Polygon Network by a top-notch team of Indian founders and is backed by reputed investors such as Polygon Studios, Kingsway Capital, Presight Capital, DST investment, Animoca, Thiel Capital, to name a few. Rario enables fans to engage as a community and invest in tangible sporting moments. It gives the fan an opportunity to ‘own’ a piece of sports history.

Rario already officially partnered with several international cricket leagues and renowned internationally acclaimed cricket talent that will facilitate in creating a cricketing eco-system for engaging cricket fans around the world.

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