deltaDAO partners with polygon on new gaia-x web3 ecosystem

deltaDAO has launched its new Gaia-X Web3 Ecosystem on Polygon ID. Polygon ID to serve as the framework to handle verifiable credentials on deltaDAO’s new project.

deltaDAO leveraging Polygon supernets on new gaia-x web3 ecosystem project

Renowned data economy solutions firm, deltaDAO, has just launched its Gaia-X Web3 Ecosystem network upgrade in a new partnership with Polygon Supernet, a subsidiary of Polygon Technology, a popular Web3 infrastructure developer, today, 7th November 2022. deltaDAO reveals plans to leverage Polygon Supernet as a framework to handle its verifiable credentials.

Via a series of tweets earlier today, Polygon affirmed its new alliance with deltaDAO. According to Polygon, deltaDAO’s new Gaia-X Web3 Ecosystem will leverage Polygon Supernets systems to scale an open, secure, and compliant federated digital ecosystem and identity framework “for businesses building towards Gaia-X.” 

Polygon’s latest tweet reads:

“Gaia-X Supernets is now the foundation for the web3 ecosystem exploring Polygon ID as a framework to handle verifiable credentials.” 

Concerning the new collaboration, Polygon further stated that its partnership with deltaDAO will enable a global trustless data economy, allowing users full control of their data and helping them generate new revenue streams for all participants.

deltaDAO’s web3 gaia-x ecosystem

Implemented in 2021, deltaDAO’s Gaia-X ecosystem is the first and leading Gaia-X project based on Web3 technology: the minimal viable Gaia-X (MVG). 

According to a press release on Accesswire earlier today, deltaDAO’s Web3 Gaia-X ecosystem takes a decentralized and federated approach to data management, allowing data and services to be freely and securely built, collated, shared, and monetized while operating according to common standards, policies, and rules. “The network enables transparency, controllability, portability, and interoperability across data and services. The solution can be deployed on any cloud platform, on-premise or edge-infrastructure that adheres to the Gaia-X standards.”

Generally, Gaia-X is a “community driven, pan-European project” which seeks to design a new federated, interoperable, decentralized, and autonomous data infrastructure ecosystem, originally based on European values of transparency, openness, data protection, and security. Gaia-X was initiated in 2019 by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs & Energy and the French Ministry of Economic Affairs and was prioritized as the key element of the European Digital Strategy in 2020 by the president of the EU Commission

Polygon and deltaDAO to transform data economy in Europe

Expressing delight at deltaDAO’s new project, Polygon has stated that the new project is a journey to transform the landscape of the data economy in Europe and beyond.

Speaking for his firm, Albert Peci, Co-Founder and Web3 Lead of deltaDAO, has stated that its new partnership is geared at preserving the privacy of its users and ensuring a sustainable and decentralized economy. Peci said in a statement:

“We’ve designed the Web3 Gaia-X Ecosystem with Ocean Protocol and our partners to enable businesses and public institutions to safely store, exchange and process their data in a decentralized and resilient way using Web3 technology to remove single points of failure and control. By teaming up with Polygon, deltaDAO reinforces its vision of a privacy-preserving, sustainable and decentralized data economy.”

Antoni Martin, Co-Founder of Polygon has also commented on the new pact, stating that leveraging Polygon Supernets and Polygon ID will allow Gaia-X to reap all the benefits offered by Web3 in a modular and seamless manner. According to him, this will allow deltaDAO to “deploy projects that fully adhere to the core principles of decentralization while preserving privacy and championing sustainability.”

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