DEUS Finance launches Synthetic Asset Project on Polygon

9th July — We’re excited to announce that DEUS Finance, the next-generation multi-asset DeFi Protocol, is bringing synthetic asset trading solutions to the Polygon Network, offering 500 stocks on launch.

DEUS Finance is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Protocol that enables users to trade digital and non-digital assets such as stocks and commodities on the Ethereum blockchain. The DeFi Protocol expands the investment reach of DeFi enthusiasts by allowing them to trade traditional financial assets, such as US stocks, and commodities such as gold and silver. These tokenized assets are exchanged at a 1:1 ratio and can be traded on multiple DEXs. The prices of these assets are updated in real-time using an oracle.

The launch of the first synthetic asset trading solutions on Polygon will enable polygon users to gain exposure to 500 stocks to trade synthetic assets on Polygon with DEUS Finance seamlessly. The DEUS synthetic trading platform gives investors access to tangible assets using cryptocurrencies. Users can easily connect their wallets to buy stocks like TSLA, GME, COIN, AMC, etc. Products like silver (XAG) and gold (XAU) are also available for synthetic exchanges.

This integration with Polygon will bring a massive influx of new users into the DEUS ecosystem. Polygon has seen explosive growth in the last few months with an enormous increase in transaction volumes. Polygon has risen in prominence over the previous few months. DeFi users took notice of Polygon’s success in addressing common scalability issues. As such, the Polygon network’s trading volumes have exceeded those of Ethereum and BSC, reaching a whopping daily transaction volume of 7.4 million. The current TVL of the Polygon network exceeds $10 billion.

Below we can see the number of users interacting with the core Polygon Dapps available on Ethereum, giving an insight into the popularity of the Polygon network.

With the vision to become a go-to synthetic asset trading platform for users, DEUS Finance is making its platform accessible through as many channels as possible to the users. This integration with Polygon will be a major part of DEUS vision to become chain-agnostic.

About DEUS Finance

DEUS finance is a DeFi protocol that enables users to use its oracles to input any data and tokenize it, allowing any user to trade it on the blockchain. Users can trade up to 500 stocks on xDai, Heco, Polygon, ETH, and BSC with near-instant oracle price-feeds.

DEA — Invest in the protocol token and benefit from the ecosystem fees in the future.

DEUS V2 coming soon, with leverage trading, a new Funding System, and much more.


Source : blog.polygon

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