Dune Analytics, the community-driven analytics platform for Ethereum integrates Polygon for rich data analytics!

Dune Analytics has integrated Polygon Blockchain data, for rich insights into the vibrant DeFi, NFT, and Gaming ecosystem on Polygon.

Dune Analytics is an analytics platform for the community that allows anyone to instantly create and share analysis of public blockchain data. All via human-readable data tables that can be queried with SQL.

The launch of Dune on Polygon will enable anyone to perform powerful analysis and showcase data in beautiful dashboards that can be accessed across the community.

Quote from Dune Analytics:

To make the future financial system truly transparent the data must flow. We’re on a mission to make crypto data accessible and the demand for a Polygon integration has been loud and clear from the community. We’re incredibly excited to allow any community member to go arbitrarily deep in Polygon data and share their findings with the world.

Dune Analytics is a highly valuable piece of infrastructure in the Web3 ecosystem, enabling developers and users to better understand the rich data sources present in Blockchains. We’re excited to see the findings our community members find on Polygon using Dune.

Dune will enable:

Dashboards for hundreds of projects on Polygon

Following key metrics for DeFi, gaming, and more

Pros and beginners to query human-readable data with SQL

Polygon aims to enable community-driven analytics on Polygon with Dune, and we look forward to seeing the various insights generated through Dune’s interactive dashboards.

Source : blog.polygon

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