Explain Sunflower Land: How Do You Verify Sunflower Land?

What is Sunflower Land?

Sunflower Land is a blockchain-based farming simulation game. Players cultivate their land, extract its resources, and sell them on the open market. It is a community that is collaborating to build something. The game uses the Layer 2 sidechain of the Ethereum blockchain called the Polygon network. The game was produced by Sydney, Australia-based Thought Farm Pty Ltd.

The conditions of actual market economics are attempted to be replicated in Sunflower Land. The developers of the game, therefore, place a strong emphasis on the supply and demand of in-game resources. Hard work is rewarded and there is inherent scarcity. Every player begins the game with a piece of land they can develop from the ground up. They can also invest their own money in the game in order to advance more quickly and surpass other players.

How does Sunflower Land work?

Sunflower Land is currently in beta mode, and players are encouraged to sign up, receive their free farm, and begin playing the game.

Firstly Players must sign up for the Sunflower Land Discord server and become verified. It is easy to complete the process. Visit the Sunflower Land dapps after Players have been verified. Players will require a Crypto wallet like MetaMask that supports Polygon to connect to Sunflower Land. Players will be required to sign a few requests once they connect to Sunflower Land in Polygon and switch back. A small amount of MATIC will also be required from the players for gas fees. When given the choice, players must connect to Discord to demonstrate that they are verified members.

Players will be instructed to walk through a few simple steps. Then, in order to participate in the game, players must donate at least 1 MATIC. The players choose from a list of charities to which the money is donated. In order to begin their journey inside Sunflower Land, players must confirm their transaction, wait a short while, and then receive a farm.

Does the Sunflower Land have its own token?

SFL serves as the economic backbone of the Sunflower Land ecosystem. It serves as both in-game currency and the play-to-earn rewards token. Players can definitely work their way to success in the game by putting in a lot of time. A player can sell each crop they harvest or each piece of wood they chop for SFL on the in-game market. Then, owners can exchange their SFL for fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, players can use their SFL to pay for in-game goods like tools, animals, crops, and food. These items are all useful for advancing in the game. However, each of them has a monetary value in the real world.

How do players make money in Sunflower Land?

Players earn money by cultivating their land, extracting resources, and selling them on the open market. That’s it. It’s a farming simulation in which time equals money.

1. Sell resources

In-game items can be grown, harvested, dug, mined, built, and crafted to sell on the in-game marketplaces. Players could plant radishes or sunflower seeds, or they could make pickaxes and fishing rods. Chicken coops are one of the most expensive in-game collectibles, but purchasing one can assist players in producing chickens and eggs to sell for profit.

2. Upgrade the farm

Once inside the game, players notice goblins blocking the fields. Players will converse with the goblin to determine what food they desire. After that, they will find the kitchen and prepare the food the goblin desires. Once the food is ready they will give this to the goblin, and the field will be expanded.

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Are there any NFTs in the game?

Sunflower Land is a blockchain game that makes use of NFT. The farm is the most important. This is a player’s personal plot of land in the virtual world of Sunflower Land. The farms are free to mint, but players cannot sell them on the market, which is something to keep in mind.

Players can find many listed Sunflower Land farms with large red crosses through them on the secondary market OpenSea. These come from individuals who attempted to list their farms for sale. Unfortunately for them, the farm is automatically deleted by the game’s smart contracts. Players should be aware of this. Players will lose their farms if they try to sell them.

How to mint NFTs in Sunflower Land

Use these steps to mint NFTs in Sunflower Land:

  1. Go to the Tailor, Blacksmith or Barn.
  2.  Select your SFL token.
  3.  Click on the Craft option.
  4.  Sign the MetaMask transaction when it appears.

How can players earn in Sunflower Land?

Players will sow seeds, raise them into crops, and then trade them with shopkeepers. Players will generate SFL in this way, and then exchange it for real money. One account, though, might not be sufficient. Sunflower Farmers will experience sustainable growth if players acquire at least three accounts.

What is Sunflower Farmers?

Sunflower Farmers is an open-source Play-to-Earn NFT game on the Polygon network. Users can expand their farming empires in the game by planting, crafting, mining, cutting, fishing, fighting, and more. In the Metaverse, where players can freely create, trade, and expand their farms, the project aims to become the top multi-token economy. Crop planting and harvesting can be done by players to begin earning Sunflower Farm tokens.

Are Sunflower Farm and sunflower land different?

The only difference between the two is the names. In order to better serve its customers and accommodate its global expansion, Sunflower Farm decided to change its name to Sunflower Land. This might also be a hint that it will eventually integrate Metaverse with Land NFTs (like its Farms).


The idea for Sunflower Land came from the once-popular game Sunflower Farm, which had swept the Polygon. The game has recently reclaimed its position as one of the most well-liked play-to-earn games available. Players will make more money if they join the farming community sooner rather than later. Crops and crafting materials will become less expensive as their supply rises.

As a result, now that Sunflower Farm Crypto has officially launched, is the ideal time to begin investing in this project, always exercising the due diligence that comes with investing. The in-game economy of the game seems to be viable. Future prospects for Sunflower Land appear promising.

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