First Week on AVAX Recap

It is very exciting for us to be able to tell what happened in this first week of the project.
A lot happened and here we want to summarize it.


The presale was very successful, with almost 71,000 tokens sold.
In this way, we were able to put a very strong initial liquidity: almost 142000 tokens in value.

The reception of the people was very good for this launch modality. Many entered and won.

Those who bought in Presale, earned 30% at the beginning of the farming.


The first 3 early stages of the sale of NFTs have been carried out.
They are all sold out!
The public sale is scheduled for later.

Remember that the first Tiers price per NFTs planned are:

  • Early access 1 — First Layer Price: $15 — SOLDOUT
  • Early access 2 — Second Layer Price: $20 — SOLDOUT
  • Early access 3 — Third Layer Price: $25–100 LEFT
  • Public access sale — Price: $40-Coming soon


Farming started very well.
We achieved on the first day an TVL of $2 Million.
We appreciate the confidence in the project from the community.


For the next days, we will have news from Vaults.

Thank you, Community!!

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