GK8 partners with Polygon, enhancing secure L1 and L2 support

The institutional-grade digital asset custody platform GK8 just announced that its proprietary end-to-end solution that includes DeFi, staking, NFT and tokenization support, is now integrated with Polygon. As a leading blockchain development platform, Polygon leverages Ethereum’s ecosystem, the biggest multi-chain system in the world, and offers scalable, affordable, secure, and sustainable blockchains for Web3.0.

There are over 37,000 dApps in production on Polygon, which makes it an integral member of the Ethereum community with a rapidly growing community of its own. Polygon is the latest protocol to be integrated by GK8 which means that GK8 customers can retain the agility and flexibility needed to seamlessly provide custody and services on top of Polygon blockchain and the $MATIC token. 

Today’s crypto market is in flux, creating additional challenges in digital-asset management for  traditional and crypto-native institutions. On the one hand, institutions need an end-to-end management solution providing the maximal agility required to take advantage of market upsides. On the other hand, they require an enterprise-grade, battle-proven solution capable of providing secure custody for their most precious assets. Finally, they need a strategic technology partner to help them build the infrastructure required to leverage the high-growth potential, drive new revenue streams, and maintain a competitive edge. 

“We are excited to be integrated into GK8’s infrastructure. This integration gives GK8 customers added agility and the flexibility they need to manage the diversity of their portfolio, all without any additional R&D or integrations,” said Arjun Kalsy, VP of Growth at Polygon. “Institutions can now access staking, cold staking and DeFi protocols directly from GK8’s digital asset custody solution. At Polygon we will continue to build our ecosystem and ensure that our builders have access to the best in class infrastructure.”

GK8’s solution is regulation-ready and includes both a Cold Vault as well as an MPC vault. Their Cold Vault is the only solution on the market that doesn’t require internet connectivity to create, sign, and send blockchain transactions, which means that institutions gain an unparalleled level of security that leaves no openings for hackers to exploit. For higher-frequency automatic transactions, GK8’s solution is paired with a patented high-performance MPC wallet.

The platform has an arrangement with AON for customers to quickly and seamlessly access insurance of up to $750 million per Vault, the highest in the market today. GK8’s solution also supports the secure tokenization of traditional assets, features general support of all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible layer-1 blockchains (such as Polygon), and grants users instant access to all layer-2 smart contracts on supported chains.   

“We are happy to offer our customers ‘out of the box’ support for the Polygon’s layer-1 protocol, including Polygon’s layer-2 smart contracts, ERC20 tokens on top of Polygon, dApps, DeFi and $MATIC cold staking,” says Lior Lamesh, CEO and Co-Founder of GK8. “Polygon is yet another example of GK8’s ‘out of the box’ support of EVM protocols. This integration affords our customers more agility in managing their crypto assets, which is key to creating new revenue streams.”

Source : cryptodaily.co.uk

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