GYSR is launching on Polygon!

9th July — We are thrilled to announce GYSR, an open platform that is used for on-chain incentives. It’s a developer tool as well as an investment platform that is live on Polygon!

GYSR is an investment platform where investors can find pools to invest in and developer tools that will help to deploy projects.

A toolkit is offered to developers by GYSR that supports liquidity mining campaigns, NFT mining, and much more. It offers various incentive-based tools for the Ethereum ecosystem. GYSR’s latest launch has major updates in terms of architecture, functions, and economy.

GYSR offers two different products: Geysers and Fountains. Geysers are used for competitive yield farming whereas Fountains are used for friendly yield farming. Both together are helpful for developers to configure according to project requirements.

$GYSR token has been mapped over the Polygon network with newly deployed smart contracts and an enhanced UI. The GYSR team has also started an incentivized pool on QuickSwap.

Polygon will provide GYSR with a platform where pools can be deployed at extremely low gas fees, which will be highly beneficial for small users. Polygon users can visit the GYSR web app to see updated pools and an investor dashboard. The addition of GYSR to Polygon is definitely a developer and investor-friendly move.

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About GYSR

GYSR is a platform for on-chain incentives. The protocol acts as both an investment platform where people can find pools to invest in, and a developer tool where projects are able to deploy secure and configurable incentive programs without using any code.

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