How to yield farm on Kyber DMM on Polygon?

Kyber Dynamic Market Maker(DMM) is a protocol that maximises the use of capital for liquidity providers with its amplified pools to provide high capital efficiency and dynamic fees that optimise returns. Polygon’s high-speed and economic infrastructure during trading and liquidity provision offers an edge to users.

Step 1: Head over to

Step 2: Head to the Pools tab and connect your wallet.

Step 3: Add liquidity to your selected token pair by depositing it into the eligible pool list. In return, you will receive DMM LP pool tokens representing your pool share.

Step 4: Click on the Yield tab.

Step 5: Choose the Polygon network.

Step 6: Select the pool you wish to deposit in from the eligible pool list.

Step 7: In case you forget Step 3, Click on Approve and a wallet popup will appear to confirm your transaction.

Note — *AMP = Amplification factor. Higher AMP, higher capital efficiency within a price range.

Step 8: After the approval stake and unstake or harvest as per your needs.

Note— When you harvest rewards, a new 30-day vesting period is activated.

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