Introducing Kresus’ Dapp Marketplace: Your Gateway to Exploring the Polygon Ecosystem

Introducing Kresus Marketplace: Your Portal to Polygon Dapps

Web3 SuperApp, Kresus, has launched the revolutionary Kresus Marketplace, an integrated platform designed for seamless exploration of decentralized applications (dapps) within the Polygon ecosystem. This cutting-edge addition empowers users of the Kresus SuperApp with unparalleled access to the world of web3.

The Kresus Marketplace, unveiled on August 17, represents a significant leap in transforming how users interact with blockchain technology. This innovative marketplace is a collaborative effort that involved Polygon Labs in its design, while being built upon Meroku’s Protocol. The result is an exquisite app store experience that seamlessly merges a dapp browser with seamless web3 connectivity.

Unlocking the Power of Polygon Dapps

Polygon stands as one of the leading networks for dapps focused on diverse use cases such as DeFi, GameFi, digital identities, and social networks. With Kresus Marketplace, users gain access to a diverse array of dapps that harness the full potential of Polygon’s expansive ecosystem.

Polygon’s Ravikant Agrawal expressed his excitement, stating, “Polygon Labs is thrilled about the curated launch of Kresus Marketplace. The Kresus SuperApp has emerged as an innovative, user-friendly wallet, and their marketplace continues that trend. Projects within the Polygon ecosystem now have the opportunity to tap into a new audience from the Kresus community, ushering in new avenues for growth.”

Trevor Traina, CEO and Founder of KresusLabs, highlighted, “Polygon serves as the cornerstone around which the innovation and opportunities in web3 have converged. Integrating Polygon into Kresus Marketplace was a logical step in alignment with our goals for the Kresus SuperApp. With the collaboration of Polygon Labs, we’ve crafted an intuitive and accessible dapp explorer that enables users to seamlessly integrate the various facets of web3 into their daily lives.”

Seamless and Secure Exploration

The Kresus SuperApp now incorporates a dedicated dapp store, offering users a secure and immersive way to explore the world of web3. This unique setup provides a user experience akin to traditional web2 platforms, making blockchain-based apps more accessible. As a result, engaging with onchain applications becomes more straightforward, enriching the user experience while maintaining security.

In tandem with the launch of the Kresus Marketplace, Kresus will introduce a suite of tools aimed at enhancing access to the Polygon ecosystem. Among these tools is “Kresus Connect,” an SDK that facilitates seamless wallet connections for select Polygon projects and dapps. This strategic move will drive user growth for individual platforms and streamline Kresus users’ access to premier Polygon projects.

Exploring the Polygon Ecosystem

With the Kresus Marketplace, users of the SuperApp can effortlessly delve into the Polygon ecosystem within a user-friendly web3 environment. From exploring metaverses to establishing digital identities, the Kresus Marketplace eliminates the need to export account information. Thanks to this innovative addition, Kresus users can readily uncover the best that Polygon has to offer.

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