Magic Eden and Polygon Introduce $1 Million Fund for NFT Creators

Fund Objectives

The primary objective of this collaboration is to provide financial assistance and guidance to promising NFT initiatives on the Polygon network. By offering access to both funds and advisory services, the creator fund strives to enable talented creators and teams to transform their imaginative and innovative ideas into reality.

Access to Launchpad and Polygon Ecosystem

Successful applicants of the creator fund will not only receive financial backing but will also gain valuable access to the Launchpad platform and the broader Polygon ecosystem. This access is designed to amplify the impact of the creators’ projects, enhancing their visibility and reach within the NFT and blockchain community.

Official Collaboration Announcement

The official collaboration announcement was made on August 17, representing a significant milestone in the evolution of the NFT sector on the Polygon network. The combined efforts of Magic Eden and Polygon are set to contribute to the growth and development of a vibrant NFT ecosystem within the Polygon blockchain.


The $1 million creator fund launched by Magic Eden and Polygon underscores their commitment to fostering innovation and creativity within the NFT space. With a focus on financial support, advisory services, and ecosystem access, the fund is poised to catalyze the success of aspiring NFT creators, driving forward the evolution of the NFT landscape on the Polygon network.

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