Introducing PolygonScan: A Fast and Scalable Blockchain Explorer for Polygon, powered by Etherscan!

Blockchain explorers are one of the most widely used tools in crypto, drawing data from a blockchain and presenting the data to a user in a searchable and accessible format. is by far the most popular blockchain explorer for Ethereum with highly loved features like the Gas Tracker, Developer APIs, ERC-20 and ERC-721 token trackers and much more.

Activity on the Polygon Blockchain has seen an exponential increase to 200M+ txns, thanks to the 400+ Dapps building on Polygon and 1.3M+ unique wallets. We’ve worked closely with the Etherscan team to launch a blockchain explorer that can support the high transaction activity of Polygon, which is nearing 7M transactions per day. will launch with support for highly requested features including intuitive transaction tracking and ABI and contract verification, with many more features to be added soon!

With the release of PolygonScan, we aim to make launching a Dapp on Polygon one step easier for developers, and ensure users on Polygon enjoy the best possible experience using their favourite Dapps, be it trading, selling and buying NFTs or playing your favourite game.

Start using PolygonScan today:

Source : blog.polygon

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