Magic Eden blames third-party cacher for ‘unsavory’ NFT images

Solana’s largest NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, displayed incorrect images for some non-fungible tokens yesterday. Some of the misplaced stills included “unsavory” adult content — the result of a compromised third-party image cacher, it claims.

“Hey guys our image provider, a 3rd party service we use to cache images, was compromised,” Magic Eden tweeted. “Your NFTs are safe and Magic Eden has not been hacked. Unfortunately you might’ve seen some um, unsavory images. Make sure you do a hard refresh on your browser to fix it.”

Magic Eden’s explanation followed tweets from various users about the incorrect images, which also included stills from TV show Big Bang Theory.

Aside from this latest news, Magic Eden has been busy. It recently extended support for the Polygon network in an effort to add multi-chain functionality and future possibilities for blockchain gaming. It also recently announced a rewards system that allows users to receive rewards, discounts and other perks based on their activity on the platform. Additionally, the marketplace hired its first Chief Gaming Officer. 

Source : theblock

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